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I adore a good Contemporary Cowboy Romance.  Gambling on a Secret, the book prior to this one in the series was one of my all-time favorite books so I have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Gambling on a Heart… Just like in a real person’s life, especially in a small town, [the secondary characters] are all mixed into the day to day lives of each other.  Sara captured that fact beautifully. The other aspects of life Sara captures extremely well are the pain and emotions that Zach and Tracy both have to work through and the connection they find in their intimacy.  Due to both of these things, this is a book for adults. This book brings closure to many things and ends just as I had hoped.

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I love a good second chance romance and this has that in spades.  The misunderstandings, the way people change over time, and the new feelings that mix with the old. Gambling on a Heart is well written with just enough romance and drama to really make things interesting and keep you turning each and every page wondering what could possibly happen next!

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Those that have read Gambling on a Secret will remember Tracy and Zack. Well, they are back in their own story in Gambling on a Heart. Just like any other book written by Ms. Ellwood, this one is full of emotional conflict, drama and of course that well deserved happy ending… Sara Walter Ellwood has me hooked, but that’s okay because I know when I read one of her stories that I’m in for a treat.

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There is PLENTY of drama, which only has you cheering on Zack and Tracy and hoping that nothing else will stand in the way of their reunion.  Ex-husbands, Children, Careers, and those old hurts all cause issues for these two, and I enjoyed every page!!…If you have read the first book, GAMBLING ON A SECRET, they you will truly enjoy Zack and Tracy’s story, but it can also be read as a stand alone.  If you have a nice day at the beach, grab this one up.  Why not take a GAMBLE!!

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 I really enjoyed this story and loved the way it was written. Both characters had things that they needed to deal with from their pasts and it was great being on that ride with them. A must read for the summer.

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