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For along time my blog has been open to anyone who would like to be a guest on my feature Lassoing the Words of Romance. I’m streamlining the process some and using some Google tools to help me manage the requests.

Submission Guidelines:rose and letter

1. CHECK THE CALENDAR BELOW TO MAKE SURE THE DATE YOU WANT IS OPEN!  I will only post one guest each day. I cannot guarantee that I will not also post something of my own on that day. First come, first serve basis. If you chose a date after someone else, or if I have the date already scheduled, I WILL ask you to chose another date… Sorry.

2. I don’t post guests on weekends… Sorry.

3.  Note that I am not an erotica author and most of my readers probably aren’t either. I will host erotica, but only a limited amount.

4. Please no graphic sex in excerpts or overly graphic pictures.

5. Nothing illegal

6. When submitting material, please email MEDIA KIT, JPEG/PNG PHOTOS, and optional INTERVIEW or GUEST POST to NO LATER THAN 2 WEEKS BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED DATE. Please state in the subject line: GUEST BLOG INFO_AUTHOR NAME_DATE. This will ensure I don’t overlook your submission.

small rose open book7. Giveaways are welcome, but you must pick your own winners.

8. You will receive a confirmation email from me. If for some reason you never receive one within three days, poke me with an email.

9. Just some nit-picky stuff:

A. Please don’t submit the largest photo resolution that you have. I don’t really have time to re-size photos and the larger ones eat up a lot of my storage space on my blog. Please, PLEASE re-size your covers and other pictures to no bigger than 500 x 600 pixels.

B. Please submit a media kit rather then separate documents: such as your book information in one document and bio in the other. Please also DO NOT embed the photos into a Word document. All photos must be sent as JPEGs or PNGs . I wrote a blog on how to create a media kit if you aren’t sure. (We were all newbies at this at one time, and I was a teacher in a former life, so I have a lot of patience <grin>).  You can find the blog HERE if you’d like to read it.

C. If you are submitting photos other than your covers and author picture, PLEASE include the copyright information for the photo. If you own the photo, just let me know, that way I won’t question it. I WILL NOT post any photo without copyright information. Sorry, but I have to protect myself.

IF after all that, you’d still like to guest blog…. Please fill out the form.

FOR THE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS CLICK HERE. Please return with media kit and any photos at least 2 weeks before blog date to


Thank you for your interest in being a guest at my home on the range–I mean–internet!

Remember to check the Calendar for available dates!!!


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