COVER REVEAL–A Hunter’s Blade coming this October!

It’s been a fun year!  I finished my first science fiction romance, Innocence Lost, book 1 of the When the Stars Fall trilogy.  I’ve been sending it out to agents and am waiting to hear back.

BUT in the meantime, I’ve decided to re-edit and repackage A Hunter’s Blade, book 2 in the The Hunter’s Dagger Series.  I’ve set a release date of October 1, 2019.

I’m very proud of this cover.  I MADE IT MYSELF using nothing fancier than Microsoft Paint and 3D Paint!  I think it turned out pretty damn good.  Let me know what y’all think!

Ebook Cover:

A Hunter's Dagger Series, The Hunter's Blade, A Hunter's Angel, A Hunter's Demon, Paranormal Romance, Vampire Romance, Werewolf Romance, Shifter Romance, Sara Walter Ellwood, Cera DuBois


And the Print Cover:




Brigit Wolfe, a born werewolf, hasn’t killed a human in over a hundred years, although now, she wonders if the animal attacking people in Silver Creek, Colorado, isn’t her. But she might have bigger problems when her cowboy neighbor, Austin Calhoun, ambles into her bar. Austin hasn’t been a vampire for long, but he is determined to prove to himself that he’s worthy of his hunter’s dagger. Brigit’s rare beauty and blade-sharp tongue enchant him. She ignites a passion he thought was dead, but is she the killer his master sent him to destroy? During Austin’s investigation regarding Brigit’s involvement in the deaths, an old crime surfaces connected to her human best friend. These two immortal enemies have to join forces to solve the mystery before someone else dies. But can they survive the heat of their own desire?