My Top Five Dream Vacations — In photos with funny captions #MFRWauthor


This week’s topic is a fun one–The top five places I’d like to visit.

I’ve decided to do this pictorially in countdown fashion, just like the Travel Channel, but with some humor thrown in.  So grab your suitcase and come along with me as I fly away (at least virtually) to my dream vacation spots.

Coming in at #5—

Rome and Vatican City!

As a Catholic, I’d like to someday make a pilgrimage to Vatican… As a history buff, I’d love to see the place so much history is packed.

Vatican City–Looks empty. The Pope must be away…
Old Rome–FEEL the history!
Colosseum–Hear the cheering….Oh, wait that must be the crowd, not the gladiators.

Coming in at #4—


There is just something about seeing one of the last true frontiers that makes Alaska not only romantic, but dangerous too.

The Alaska Wilderness… Nothing around for miles and miles and MILES…
More Alaska Wilderness…Okay, I’m starting to feel a little lonely out here…. Is anyone out here!?!
Hey, there’s someone to talk to! “Hi, guys, can you tell me how to get back to civilization?”

Coming in at #3—

The Bahamas!

What can be more fun or relaxing than the white sand beaches of a tropical paradise?

Oh, the Bahamas! I want a chair under that palm tree…Maybe with an adult beverage in my hand…
When I get tired of sitting under the palm tree, I’ll go to the pool….And sit under a different palm tree.
Or maybe I’ll just go back to the resort and see what trouble I can get into…I love resort hotels!

Coming in at #2—


I know, I KNOW… I really need to take the time to go already. After all, I do write about this great state, you’d think I’d soon visit!

Dallas! I’d mostly want to see this city because I loved the TV show with the same name.
Ah…the beautiful Rio Grande…. Before the Wall… Okay, bad joke, I know. Please no political comments.
A real Texas ranch! Saddle up and let’s ride! What? A storm’s brewing? Gad-dang it!!


Coming in at #1—

The British Isles:  Wales, England, Ireland, and Scotland. (I know, this is cheating, but it’s my dream vakay!) Even though I have more Welsh, Irish, and English blood in me, those few Scottish genes are calling me home…. Oh, wait, it’s just my fascination with everything Outlander.

First stop on our tour of the British Isles—A Welsh town. Don’t ask me which one… because I can’t pronounce anything around here. I think the Welsh think they have to use the whole alphabet in each place name. In fact the longest town name is a Welsh town: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllllantysiliogogogoch.
Second stop– An Irish house by a lake. Not sure I’d want to stay there. Looks like it’s about ready to fall down…
Third stop– England and of course, while there I’d have to go to London, and while there, I’d have to see Buckingham Palace. Wonder if the Queen takes visitors for tea?
Forth stop– Scotland! Finally! Is that the Loch Ness Monster I see out here? Oh, wait those are just mountains… Bummer.
The Standing Stones on Lewis Island–I wonder if I touch that middle stone would I get thrown back in time to 1743 and meet my very own Jamie Fraser? No, you say! Darn it!

I hope you enjoyed my wishful vacations stops!

Where is your dream vacation?

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  1. Sherry Lewis says:

    Enjoyed your list. I hope you make it to all five destinations soon 🙂

  2. alinakfield says:

    Beautiful pictures! And when you hit Texas, don’t forget San Antonio! It’s one of my fave cities.

  3. I love your visual travel log. I haven’t read much of Outlander, but I looove Scotland!

  4. Enjoyed your list. I haven’t been horseback riding in a long time so count me in.

  5. San Antonio and Austen are my fave Texas cities, and I love Alaska and Scotland. Both have gorgeous scenery.

  6. Meka James says:

    Great list. I missed my chance to visit TX. My oldest nephew went there for boot camp but I couldn’t make the graduation.

  7. Ed Hoornaert says:

    One of your Alaskan pics reminds me of a French Canadian song I picked up from a Louise Penny mystery: The Complaint of an Alaskan Seal, about a wild seal whose love has gone off to join the circus.

  8. RaineBalkera says:

    I was in Nassau and loved every second of it. Interesting list, and I’ll see you in Alaska!

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