My Biggest Dream….. #MFRWauthor



As an author who hasn’t made it “big” yet, this topic for the blog challenge is a bit of a no-brainer. I think if you ask any writer, published or not, and they’d tell you they want to their names at the top of the best-seller lists and make money at writing–a lot of money.

I would say this is my biggest dream, but it’s not the only one I have.

I hope for a better future and I pray for peace.

One of my other hopes, since it’s spring and I’ve been planting, is that my garden (both vegetable and flower) do well.

Now, that my children are young adults, I hold their dreams for the future in my heart.

My son is finishing up his second year at Penn State as an engineering student. I hope he is able to, not only finish school doing as well as he is now (he’s an Dean’s List student), but also is able to find a good job, doing something he enjoys.

My daughter, who will be a high school senior in the fall, wants to become an environmental scientist with an emphasis on ecology and wild-life conservation. We’ll be looking at colleges this summer. My hope for her is that she continues to excel at everything she sets out to do and achieves her dream of travailing the world. Of course, she better take me along on some of her adventures…. <grin>

What are your dreams?
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  1. D'Ann says:

    Other than to have readers? A lot of them? A cattle ranch. It’s always been my biggest and dearest dream. 🙂

  2. karaleigh2 says:

    Just hopping by…karamarks0346 at

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