My Greatest Weakness–Procrastination @MFRWauthor

Last week the topic for the challenge as to describe my greatest strength. This week prompt is to talk about my greatest weakness, and as with naming my strength, coming up with my less desirable trait was hard. But I think figured it out as I’m typing this article late Thursday night to go live in the morning. Despite determination to succeed being my strength, I have a tendency to put things off until the last moment. I’m a procrastinator.

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Believe it or not, this weakness is getting worse as I age. I never put things off when I was in college. I studied for tests days before the exams. I did my papers as soon as they were assigned. Now, I don’t even think about a project until it’s down to the wire. I’m better with my stories, but the day job or something like this blog challenge–not so much. I wait until the last possible moment. Part of the problem I know is I’m juggling so much: day job, housework, family relationships, and just time for me.

Even with writing, I’m able to concentrate better if I have a deadline. If I know I have to get something done in a limited time, I’m able to buckle down and ignore most of the distractions. But even then, I get angry with myself for putting things off; however, I still do it.

So what is your one weakness?
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  1. alinakfield says:

    With all you have on your plate, it sounds like you’re doing great!

    p.s., Love that image!

  2. Meka James says:

    I watched a comedy special by Ellen DeGeneres and I still remember the closing line of that show. Why do today what you can put off til tomorrow. LOL She of course was talking about procrastination as well. It’s sorta my motto at times because it’s much easier to say I’ll do it tomorrow.

  3. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Considering your weakness (which I share) I’d like to thank you for posting on time. 😉

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