My Seven Guilty Pleasures… #MFRWauthor

We all have ’em. The things we do that make us happy. Little things that put a smile on our face as we’re doing them.
Here are the seven things that I love that always make me happy when I do them:
1. Taking long, hot, sudsy baths.
2. Sitting on the deck in the summer in the warm sun, just enjoying the outdoors–with or without a glass of wine.
3. Speaking of wine….Enjoying a glass of my favorite–Moscato.
4. Eating chocolate… Anything chocolate.
5. Shopping! I love to shop, especially with my teenage daughter, who actually likes shopping with me.
6. Spending lazy afternoons reading a book or listening to one.
7. Binge watching Netflix or On Demand.
There you have the seven things I consider my guilty pleasures.  Name one of yours.

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  1. Debra says:

    I love reading, crocheting, spending time with my grandchildren, going home to Oregon.

  2. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Your #4 (chocolate) is #7 on my list.

  3. SC Dane says:

    Shopping was on my list, too. Which isn’t the only guilty pleasure we share. We had a few.

  4. alinakfield says:

    When your teenager WANTS to do anything with you–instant happiness!

  5. Meka James says:

    Shopping with my daughter. It’s nice to spend time with her, but man she’s picky and it can be a real struggle sometimes. I’ve learned to always wear comfy shoes when going out with her. She’s 20 now and that hasn’t changed. Because she’s out of the house, most times I’m flying solo since the teenage boy acts like I’m punishing him by making him go.

  6. Cathy Brockman says:

    Chocolate a glass of wine and a sudsy bath together is heaven!

  7. Love the deck and the wine, but I’d add the chocolate to that so its a triple threat. 🙂

  8. Dark Chocolate is my sinful pleasure. That and a glass of wine…heaven!

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