How I Met My Best Author Friend–@D’Ann Lindun @DLindun #MFRWauthor

I’d like you to meet someone who has been pretty darn important in helping me become published. Although D’Ann Lindun and I have never met in person, I still value her as one of my very best friends. We “met” on line back in 2010 on a writer’s Yahoo Group. I responded to something she said in what was becoming a heated subject, and she emailed me privately to thank me for standing up with her.

From this, we became critique partners and friends. I was pretty damned new at this whole writing to get published business and D’Ann had been trying for several years. She’s from Colorado and writes contemporary western romance, the same genre I found myself writing in… Thing is this Pennsylvania bred and born gal really had no idea what she was doing. I grew up on a farm, and for this reason, I found writing westerns more comfortable. After all, I knew what it takes to raise cattle–and chickens and pigs and, well, we raised a lot of different animals growing up–but not like how cattle are raised out west.

D’Ann saved my ass by setting me straight. I often say I know what I know about what it really means to be a cowboy, or cowgirl, from her. She taught me so much, and I owe her for that.

But my friendship, love, and respect doesn’t stop there. If it wasn’t for D’Ann, I may not have published my first western when I did. I was coming off a bad spot in my fledgling career. I had to fire an agent who wasn’t really doing anything for me. I was in the midst of overhauling the story that would become Gambling On A Secret, but had no real idea what I was going to do with it. D’Ann sponsored an editor friend of hers who worked for Lyrical Press (before the Kensington acquisition) on her blog where she was taking pitches. D’Ann emphatically encouraged me to pitch something. And at the last moment I did. That editor requested my manuscript and within a few months I got my contract for Gambling On A Secret.

The next time D’Ann helped my career was by asking me to be involved with the wildly successful Cowboy Up anthology sets. Through these, I became a bestselling Amazon author.

She has been a pillar of support and encouragement throughout the years I’ve known her.

She also is one of my all time favorite authors. Her books are amazing and I would recommend them to everyone.

You can find her books on Amazon

D'Ann Lindun, Black Mountain Series, Contemporary Western Romance



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  1. Meka James says:

    It’s great that you’ve found such an amazing friend and mentor.

  2. Sherry Lewis says:

    Never underestimate the value of a good author friend! Great story.

  3. Ashley York says:

    Very nice! “Best Friends know all about you…and like you anyway!”

  4. Author friends are the best!

  5. It’s great you found such a good friend. Just because a connection is not in person doesn’t mean it’s not real. I love the Pennsylvania farm girl connection. My people came from Pennsylvania too and I grew up on a farm in rural New Jersey. Someday want to write a historical western, but so far have only a short story published in the genre.

  6. Heather Boyd says:

    Its always great to have someone in your corner. 🙂

  7. D'Ann says:

    I’m so proud of you, Sara! You are an absolutely wonderful author, likewise one of my besties forever and I love you to death. ❤

  8. Sara, I want to second everything you’ve said about D’Ann. She’s encouraged me since I met her. She’s given me the confidence to continue to publish and she’s so much fun.

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