The Shows I Love to Binge On #MFRWauthor Blog Challenge

Wow!  Week three of the Marketing For Romance Author’s blog challenge and I’m still blogging!

Today’s topic  is about which TV shows I like to binge watch. I’ve started many shows, but after a few episodes, decided to move on.  Since getting Netflix last year, I’ve binged on more than one TV series. I suppose I’m making up for all those years I didn’t watch any TV at all.

So, here is a list of six shows I’ve binged on and couldn’t stop watching the past year.

Outlander—Hands down this is one of my all time favorite shows. The Starz show brings Diana Gabaldon’s marvelous time-traveling Scottish historicals to life and does the show with a great cast, amazing costuming, and fantastic settings—and let’s not forget Sam Heughan! I’ve seen both finished seasons three times now. Guess I’ll now have to binge on the books again while I wait for season 3… Dang how I hate Droughtlander!outlander-pic

The Tudors—I watched all four seasons of this HBO show over a period of a month last spring on Netflix. I’ve always loved English history. In fact, I did a research paper on good ol’ King Henry VIII, so watching this show was a lot of fun despite it not quite being historically accurate. Besides, Jonathan Rhys Meyers (who plays Henry VIII) and Henry Cavill (who plays his best friend and eventual brother-in-law) are great eye candy!


The Vampire Diaries—My daughter got me into this show. Interestingly enough, I’ve finished binging on all seven seasons months ago, but she still is only on season four or five. Doesn’t Ian Somerhalder have the most electrifyingly beautiful blue eyes? He could hypnotize me with a look any time.


Dark Matter—The blurb for this SyFy show caught my interest and now I’m waiting for the next season to come on. It’s about the crew of a spaceship who wake up from hibernation and they can’t remember who they are or what they are doing. Then they find out that they aren’t the good-doers they thought, but are actually dangerous criminals. The show is based on a Dark Horse comic book by the same name.



The Crown—My husband and I just finished this Netflix Original series and absolutely loved it. Claire Foy deserved her Golden Globe for her role as the young Queen Elizabeth II, even if I was rooting for Outlander’s Claire (aka Caitriona Balfe).


The White Queen— Another great Starz production from a few years ago and is based on Philippa Gregory’s historical novels The White Queen, The Red Queen and The Kingmaker’s Daughter and is about three influential women at the end of England’s War of the Roses. I now want to read these books and can’t wait for the sequel series The White Princess, also based on a Gregory novel and about Henry VII’s wife, Elizabeth—a bit of trivia: she’s King Henry VIII’s momma. Hey, I told you I love English history.


So how about you: what shows do you love to binge on?

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