A New Year, A New Beginning


2016 was a tough year, and not because we lost so many Hollywood and music stars or because of who will sit in the Oval Office come January 20. It was tough personally and professionally.

I’ve been suffering from a major writing slump. I haven’t written more than a few thousand words since May and only finished two novellas and re-edited a previously published book for republishing. I’ve released five books in 2016—Heartsong in January, A Hunter’s Demon (a novella) and re-released A Hunter’s Angel in May, Sadie’s Fantasy Cowboy (part of Cowboy Time) in June, and finally Heartland in July.  Sure, this all looks like I’ve had a great year, until you consider, almost all of these books (save the two novellas) were actually produced in 2015 or before.

Personally, the last few months were rough for my family. My beloved father-in-law passed away unexpectedly in October, leaving a huge whole in all of our lives. I haven’t felt much like writing, and because of it, went days where I didn’t even turn on my computer.

On a more positive note, in April of last year I changed my diet, developed an exercise routine, and made sure I got at least seven hours of sleep every night. I lost almost 70 pounds and haven’t felt this good in years. You’re probably wondering how this is a bad thing.  Well, it’s not; it’s fantastic, but because I spent every lunch hour (time I’d previously used to write) and as much as two hours every evening exercising, besides not staying up to midnight, I didn’t leave much time for writing. I know I’m using this as an excuse, because I could have used that hour or so I used to watch TV to write, but my point is, I hadn’t cared enough about writing to eke out the time.

With the coming of 2017, I realized I needed to make some changes or I needed to quit. I’m not ready to do that. In fact the thought of quitting on my dream scares me to death. So, there was only one thing I could do. I needed to make some changes. It’s funny how things come along to help people do this, if they really want look for them. When a fantastic opportunity presented itself, I snatched it up like a life preserver in the middle of a churning ocean.

In the second half of the year, I will be releasing a novel in  Sable Hunter‘s Kindle World, HELL YEAH. I’m excited about this and can’t wait to see how it turns out.

I’m also going to write a novella that will be released either as part of a multi-author boxed set or as part of one I plan to put together with a few previously published works of my own.

I joined a blogging challenge, which will mean my neglected website and blog will actually see some activity. I also want to revive my newsletter, which has been all but abandoned. My goal is to send out one every other month.

This year will also see my continued life-style change. I’m hoping to reach my weight loss goal, which will mean losing another 70 pounds.

I’m excited about 2017 and can’t wait to jump in with both feet.

So, lift a glass to all of us having a happy, productive, and amazing 2017!


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2 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Beginning

  1. Bon voyage and happy writing in 2017!

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