Sneak Peek Sunday–A COWBOY’S HEAVEN (part of the boxed set COWBOY UP 2)….From the hell of lost love, can they find heaven together?

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Today I’m sharing a snippet from A Cowboy’s Heaven, part of the boxed set COWBOY UP 2 

Which releases today!!


From the hell of lost love, can they find heaven together?

Katie Chester is alone in the world. After losing her husband and then her parents, she’s left to run Heaven, a thousand-acre ranch encompassing nearly an entire Montana mountain. She rents out a suite of rooms, but ends up with a boarder who shakes her to her foundation.

When Pennsylvanian ex-Army doctor Collin Kirkpatrick lost his wife a year ago, he lost his world. He needs to escape the pain, and where better than in an isolated town in the West? He answers an ad for resident doctor in Evansville, Montana, but is surprised to find Heaven and the angel residing there.

But can they leave their grief and pain in the past to blaze a new path into the future?


He raised a brow and his voice came out gruff as he asked, “What do you think I’m thinking?”

She cleared her throat and tilted her head to meet his gaze. “I don’t want you to think I’m—uh—somehow hurt by you wearing this stuff. Jimmy was never a cowboy, and he rarely wore that coat.” With a smile, she patted his arm and the strange light in her eyes hit him like a punch. “I’m glad it fits you. I was afraid it wouldn’t. You’re a bigger guy than he was.”


They were so close he could have leaned down and kissed her. His voice caught in his throat at the naked depth of her crystalline eyes. She was experiencing the same wild, perplexing emotions as him, and the realization staggered him. What was happening between them?

“Yes?” Her voice came out breathy, and the sound of that simple word went straight to his groin.

“Thank you.” The words passed his lips on a husky whisper, but he wasn’t only thanking her for the use of a coat and gloves. Despite the confusion and the feelings of betrayal to Christy, she was forcing him to feel again, and for that he was grateful.


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