Sneak Peek Sunday–A glimpse of Heaven? Or is it a second chance at love?–From A COWBOY’S HEAVEN

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Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday.  Today I’m sharing a snippet from my upcoming release A Cowboy’s Heaven, part of a second boxed set from the same group of authors who brought together the internationally bestselling hit COWBOY UP–Which is now being offered in print!!!

Rough blurb:

Katie Chester is alone in the world. She lost the love of her life when her husband died a year and a half ago. Then she lost her parents, leaving her with Heaven–a thousand acre ranch encompassing nearly an entire Montana mountain. She decides to rent a suite of rooms out as a way to move on from the loss of so many loved ones. She never expected her first boarder would be a man who would shake her to her foundation.

Ex-Army doctor and Pennsylvania born, Collin Kirkpatrick is running from his grief over the loss of the only woman he ever loved. When he lost his wife over a year ago, he lost his world. He knew he had to escape, and where better than to some of the most isolated parts of the West. When he answered the ad for a resident doctor for the small town of Evansville, Montana, he never expected to find Heaven.

He turned toward the tap on the window and pressed the button to lower the window.

A woman wearing jeans and a heavy coat leaned down from the saddle of a horse nearly as tall as the car. She pushed a brown cowboy hat back from her forehead over long golden blonde hair braided and hanging over one shoulder and smiled. Eyes matching the blue of the bright late September sky peeking out of the gray clouds danced with what he suspected was amusement. “Hi there. You lost?”

Maybe he was in heaven, because she was one of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen. She had to be an angel. That voice. Was this the woman with the sensual voice who lured him out here? He blinked and looked toward the house again to break the sudden spell she wove around him. Damn, he hadn’t been this rattled by a woman since the second day of med school when he’d dropped his anatomy textbook onto the foot of the woman he’d eventually marry. “Ah… I don’t know. I’m Collin Kirkpatrick. I spoke to a Mrs. Katie Chester about a month ago concerning renting a room.”

She swung out of the saddle, surprising him not only with her agility, but her grace. A medium sized, white and copper spotted dog—a shepherd of some kind?—sat next to her with its ears perked. Its blue eyes nearly the same uncanny color as its mistress’s. The bluish gray horse towering beside her was a magnificent animal. As petite as she was, how the heck could she even get on the back of that thing?

As she stuck her gloved hand through the open window, she flashed him another smile. “Dr. Kirkpatrick, welcome to Heaven. Evansville surely has been exited to hear you were coming. We’ve been out of a doctor for two months now since my uncle Doc passed on.”

He stared at the worn leather glove and she laughed. The sound tickled over his senses like a warm tropical breeze, and despite the cold air rushing through the open window, he flushed warm.

“Opps. Sorry.” She yanked off the glove and stuck her hand back through the window. “I’m Katie Chester. I’ve been expecting you. The room is at the house.”


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