Interview with Gemma Brocato author of EXPOSED TO PASSION

Hi Sara. Thanks for having on your blog today to talk about my new release, Exposed To Passion.

Wecome, Gemma!!!  Let’s start by you telling us a little about yourself.


I’ve been writing steadily since 2011, and contracted my first novel with Lyrical Press in 2013. I submitted the second a month later, then the third in Feb 2014. It’s been an exciting ride, with a very steep uphill learning curve. I’ve met so many wonderfully helpful people along the way it makes me believe my chosen career isn’t as solitary as it seems.



What genre/genres do you write?

I write contemporary romance, but I’m about to dip my toe into the sci-fi romance genre. I have a Christmas novella set in the 23rd century that I’m cleaning up with the intention of self-publishing in December.



Whatever became of your very first book?

Good question. I’m cleaning it up to get it ready to submit to my editor at Lyrical. I wrote the story while suffering a huge bout of homesickness and missing my teenage children after my husband’s job made a move to England. Kids wanted to stay home, and I pounded the story out on a company issued computer to ease the loneliness.


What can you tell us about Exposed To Passion that isn’t in the blurb or excerpt?

The theme of Exposed deals with what happens when someone is faced with a bully. Not only did I have a secondary character, Katie, who is bullied in the halls of the school Sam Kerrigan teaches at, but Sam and Rikki face bullying from a grown woman. The scene detailing and incident where Katie is bullied came from a real life situation I witnessed.



Is Exposed To Passion part of a series? If so, tell us about it.

Yes, Exposed is book #3 in the Five Senses Series, based on the Kerrigan family of a fictional town, Granite Pointe, Massachusetts. Each book is based on one of the senses. The heroine has a job which relies on the sense connected to the book. In this book, Rikki Salerno is a photographer, which of course, requires sight. Book #1, Cooking Up Love, about a chef, is based on taste, and book #2, Hearts In Harmony, about a music therapist, on hearing. I’m currently working book #4, which is based on smell, and features a heroine who owns a flower shop.



How long did it take you to write?

Each novel takes about three and a half to four months to complete. Then the hard part, editing begins.



Who was easier to write–Hero or Heroine? Why?

I have to confess the hero, Sam, was easier to write. I’ve been in love with him since he first walked on to the page. He’s a kind, sweet man who is a steadfast friend, and hot, hot, hot.



Now for some Fun Questions…

What’s your favorite TV show or movie of all time?

French Kiss, with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline. Probably because whenever I’m watching it, my husband will sit down to watch it with me. It’s become a Valentine’s tradition for us.



If you could chose a period in history to be born in, what would it be and why?

I’d probably say the 1920s. Great music, great art and literature, and women were finally gaining independence.



What was the most embarrassing thing your husband/boyfriend/partner/friend ever did to you in public?

Hmmm, well, he’s pretty quick to point out when I’ve embarrassed him, usually in front of other people. No one likes to be called on the carpet in front of an audience.



What is the one place you have never visited but would love to?

Scotland. We’d planned to visit Edinburgh while we lived in London, but couldn’t book a hotel room. We were attempting to go during the midst of the Edinburgh festival. No room at any inn!



If you were stranded on a desert island and could chose any famous person (living or dead), who would you chose to be stranded with you and why?

Josh Holloway (Sawyer on Lost). He was a very resourceful guy.



Quick Quiz

  1. Cake or Chips – I’m a savory gal, so chips.


  1. Steak or Veggie Burger – Veggie Burger for sure.


  1. Chocolates or Roses – Oh, definitely roses. I love how the colors have significance.


  1. Boxers or Briefs or Nothing at all – Can I go hybrid and say boxer-briefs?


  1. And since I write both, I have to know which you prefer… Vampires or Cowboys – Well, I’d choose a Vampire, unless it’s a vampire cowboy, in which case, that guy would win hands down.


Exposed to Passion by Gemma Brocato


Exposed To Passion

Five Senses Series Book #3


Gemma Brocato



They walked through the shadows individually. Will they emerge into the light together?

Leading a vagabond life as a curator for a traveling photography exhibit translates to a lot of bad days for Rikki Salerno. But her trouble doubles when a careless high school student shoves her into a marsh. Being rescued by teacher Sam Kerrigan should have made things better, but Rikki’s inability to confess her true identity casts a shadow over their budding affair.

When Sam refuses an overly aggressive parent’s marriage proposal, she’s determined to ruin him. Not only does she doctor photos to make it look like Sam’s behaved inappropriately in front of students, she hacks the foundation website to reveal Rikki’s true identity. Faster than the blink of a shutter, Rikki’s focus changes from pursuing her full-color future to the black and white necessity of clearing Sam’s name.



Rikki dragged her eyes from his profile and turned her attention out the front window. “Oh, Sam, it’s perfect.”

Obligingly, Sam stopped the truck to let her take pictures. She adjusted the brightness setting, snapped another couple of shots, then dropped the camera into her lap.

“I’d love to see this at dawn. Do you know how haunting this would be in a low-light setting?” She fidgeted in her seat, battling her muse’s demand to pick up her camera again. The images she’d captured so far were sufficient. She’d known the second she took the best photo from that vantage point. She’d bet her favorite camera it was the way a baseball player knew a ball would soar out of the park the second the bat connected. Adrenaline spread through her like spiders, creeping and crawling through her chest and along her arms.

Sam put the truck back in gear and eased forward into a parking spot. “I brought wood so we can make a campfire over here, under the trees. The best spot for us to set up our camera equipment will be there, along the riverbank.” He lifted his hand from the steering wheel and gestured toward a flat, sandy section of land. “There is nothing overhead to mar the focus. Unless you see a better location…”

“I’ll look around, but the riverbank makes the most sense. It’s flat, and as long as it’s solid, should be good.” She flashed back to the spit of land where they’d met, when the bank hadn’t been stable enough to keep her from tumbling into the water. “I’ll unload the equipment if you start the fire.”


Putting his shoulder to the door, he paused, appeared to think better of it, then twisted toward her. Desire changed his eyes to steamy, mesmerizing cobalt. Leaning across the center of the truck, he lifted a hand to her cheek and urged her lips toward his. His mouth, soft and warm, possessed hers, shortening her breath. After a brief moment, he deepened the kiss, opening his mouth on hers, demanding more. Without hesitation, she responded, welcoming the intrusion of his tongue and plunged her fingers through his hair, pulling him closer.

Sliding his hand down her arm, he cradled her wrist, then pulled her hand to rest along his chest. His heart thumped violently, racing, echoing her speeding pulse. His lips curled into a smile. He laced his fingers through hers and pressed, flattening both against his body. The warmth of his hand, the rhythmic thud of his heart, and the sensuous insistence of his lips rocked her. It changed mere passion into something more enduring.

The loud blare of a horn interrupted the brief interlude. Sam jumped away from her, disentangling their fingers, pink staining his cheeks. Moving his hands to his lap, he attempted to hide the evidence of their steamy kiss from the group of students pulling into the spot next to his truck.

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About the Author:Gemma Brocato

Gemma’s favorite desk accessories for many years were a circular wooden token, better known as a ’round tuit,’ and a slip of paper from a fortune cookie proclaiming her a lover of words; some day she’d write a book. All it took was a transfer to the United Kingdom, the lovely English springtime, and a huge dose of homesickness to write her first novel. Once it was completed and sent off with a kiss, even the rejections addressed to ‘Dear Author’ were gratifying.

After returning to America, she spent a number of years as a copywriter, dedicating her skills to making insurance and the agents who sell them sound sexy. Eventually, her full-time job as a writer interfered with her desire to be a writer full-time and she left the world of financial products behind to pursue an avocation as a romance author.


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      HI JoAnne. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment. I’m strictly low carb and hungry all the time. You can’t eat roses so I wouldn’t be tempted.

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