Sneak Peek Sunday–GAMBLING ON A DREAM–meet the new sheriff.

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Today I’m offering a bit from my May 2015 release, Gambling On A Dream (book 3 of the Colton Gambler’s series)…. Just prior to this snippet in this scene, Dawn (the heroine and interim sheriff of Colton) is confronted by one of her deputies who doesn’t think she should be sheriff and is running against her.  Then enter sexy as sin Texas Ranger Wyatt McPherson……


“I almost need my hunting knife to cut the tension in here. What was that all about?”

Dawn met Wyatt’s blue gaze. “You know you can’t trust us Injuns. Maybe I’ll ride on over to his place later and scalp him in his sleep and hang his mangy pelt on the totem pole in front of my teepee.”

He chuckled and sat in the chair in front of her desk. He laid his black Resistol hat on the edge. “See, that’s why you’ll make a great sheriff.”

She narrowed her eyes on him. “Better share that with the rest of the town. Chet has them convinced he’d be the best choice for sheriff.”

He shrugged and grinned a one-sided smile, making him look like a sexy cross between a young Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood all rolled up in one. “He won’t win, and Hendricks will either come around, or else once you’re elected sheriff, he’ll quit. At least it won’t be like when your dad was elected. Over half of his deputies up and walked out in protest.”