Sneak Peek Sunday–Cover Reveal for COWBOY UP boxed set and a peek at “Chasing a Cowboy”

Today on Sneak Peek Sunday, I have a very special surprise and an announcement.  As some of you may know from previous Sneak Peeks, I’ve been working on a novella for a boxed set. Well, it’s about finished and due out on September 8!  Today, I’m not only offering  a peek of my book but revealing the fantastic cover for the first time.


                           Seven men as tough as the west…

                                               Seven women who know how to…

Cowboy Up


A boxed set of seven romantic novellas by seven award-winning authors experienced with writing about the men of the West.


Always Cowboy, Allison Merritt, Cowboys Don’t Cry, Vicki Taylor, A Cowboy’s Heart, Melissa Keir, Cowboy Trouble, Autumn Piper, Chasing a Cowboy, Sara Walter Ellwood, Cowboy Bred Cowboy Born, D’Ann Lindun, Cowboy Up, boxed set, Contemporary Western Romance, cowboys



Isn’t it beautiful?  To learn more check out either my page here on my website  OR the book Facebook Page



Here’s my Sneak Peak from my contribution….Chasing a Cowboy


“C’mon.” Chase turned to leave the bar and she followed him. Once they were outside in the bright early evening light, he winced and pulled a pair of sunglasses out of his shirt pocket and adjusted the brim of his hat over his face. “Where are you staying?”

She put on her own sunglasses and rubbed her throat as her nerves and the heat caused her to perspire. “Ah… I kinda convinced the desk clerk that I was Mrs. Jordan.”

He grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the way of a couple on a two-seated bike on the sidewalk. “You what?”

“I called the resort before I boarded the plane in Dallas, but they didn’t have any single rooms left.” She shrugged and folded her arms.

He shook his head and snorted. “Yet here you are.”

“I looked the place up online and know all the honeymoon suites are private, fully furnished beach houses. So… I figured I’d bunk on your sofa.” She hoped he didn’t send her packing, and she’d never tell him her real reason for not booking a room for herself in one of the other hundreds of hotels in the city. If her plan went well, by the end of the two weeks, she wouldn’t be sleeping on a couch.



He’s running from heartbreak. She’s chasing after love… Their hearts will never be the same.

Paige Morgan has lived her entire life in the glare of her fraternal twin sister’s star. Although the sisters are as different as sun is from the moon, Paige fell in love with the same man as her famous swimsuit model sister. When country superstar Chase Jordan is dumped at the altar by her twin, Paige sees an opportunity to go after the one thing of her sister’s she’s always wanted. She finds Chase in Cabo San Lucas nursing his broken heart in the true country song fashion—with a bottle of Jose Cuervo—and reminds him of the desire he once felt for her. Will this singing cowboy change his tune as they set the tropical nights on fire? Or will Paige be the one singing the blues when her sister shows up wanting her man back?



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2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Sunday–Cover Reveal for COWBOY UP boxed set and a peek at “Chasing a Cowboy”

  1. How exciting! Congratulations. The set sounds fantastic.

  2. D'Ann

    I’m so excited about this!

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