Sneak Peek Sunday—CHASING A COWBOY…. Will Paige get her man after her sister jilted him?

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Today on Sneak Peek Sunday, I’m sharing a bit from my next book–a contemporary western novella that will be part of a box set containing 6 other cowboy romances. Look for it late this fall. Chasing a Cowboy is the story of Paige and Chase, but before they can find their own happy ever after, she has to make him forget her fraternal twin sister, who jilted him at the altar.

Paige’s parents looked as if they were about to announce a death or something as they waited for Chase to read the note Kayla had left. Where the hell was her sister?

Chase mumbled a course that had the preacher gasping, and Paige looked at him. The man she’d secretly loved since she was thirteen shook his head and met her gaze. The pain and betrayal in his green eyes said everything.

He crumbled the note in his fist and stalked out of the arbor. His brother Jack followed. “Chase?”

Chase didn’t answer or looked back. He headed for the front of the house where the vehicles were parked. Jack glanced at her and took after his brother.

Her father cleared his throat. “I’m sorry folks, but it appears my daughter has had a change of heart. There won’t be a wedding today.”

She had a hard time hiding her smile as she watched Chase speed his pickup down the drive. Without thinking through her next actions, she tossed the dead roses away, hiked up the yards of tulle of her full skirt, and ran after Chase. The day just got better. Now, if she could just get Chase to see it that way.

Oh boy!

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  1. Interesting start! I enjoyed the snippet.

  2. gemmabrocato says:

    I know I should feel bad that Chase got left at the altar, but I’m betting things got better for him as a result. Great snippet.

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