Sneak Peek Sunday—Drugs and Dead Ends… GAMBLING ON A DREAM

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Today, I’m sharing a bit more from my current WIP Gambling On A Dream, which I’m hoping I’ll be submitting in the very near future…

Wyatt looked over his shoulder. “Well, we found Vaughn, but I don’t think he’ll be doing any talking.”

The eighteen-year-old lay flat on his back on the putrid carpet, surrounded by dirty clothes. He wore only a pair of filthy boxers. Inches from the bluish fingertips of his right hand lay a wide black piece of rubber and syringe. Infected track marks darkened the inside of his elbows. But what probably killed him were the three blood-crusted stab

wounds in the chest.

His sightless eyes stared to the ceiling and his normally pale face and the bare skin of his chest had taken on the gray pallor of someone who’d been dead for a while.

Dawn shoved her gun back into her side holster and knelt beside Wyatt. With a long exhale, she said, “You know, the stink when I opened the door should’ve been our first clue. Goddamn.”

Wyatt shook his head and stood. “Looks like the same MO as Larson.”

“Yeah. Probably killed for the same reason as Chris too. Shouldn’t surprise me. Vaughn’s been a petty dealer and user for years. I really thought he was turning his life around after we arrested him in the spring.” She followed Wyatt to his feet, but the action was harder than it should have been. The weight of finding the killer settled squarely on her shoulders. Her only possible lead was literally a dead end. Her only suspect was her brother, and she refused to think he had anything to do with this. She unclipped her iPhone from her service belt. “I’ll call it in.”


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3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Sunday—Drugs and Dead Ends… GAMBLING ON A DREAM

  1. A gruesome scene…good description. (I think you meant gray pallor, not parlor.) 🙂

  2. LOL… I did. Always amazes me how many times I can read something and my crit partners can read something and never catch it. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Karen Michelle Nutt

    Gripping scene! Well done!

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