Sneak Peek Sunday– A HUNTER’S WINGS, a peek at book 3 of the Hunter’s Dagger Series

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Today on Sneak Peek Sunday, I’m pulling a snippet from the beginning of Chapter 1 of Book 3 of the Hunter’s Dagger Series. I’m no where near finished with this book and have no idea when I will be, but I wanted something new to tantalize y’all with and decided to pull a bit from A Hunter’s Wings. This story is about Ben, Grace ‘s friend from book 1 and the elusive banished Guardian Angel who has been mentioned since book one– Tarial.


“Damn, there’s enough of this stuff here to make a birthday cake,” Officer Sam Benton said as he dropped another sandwich bag of white powder onto Ben’s desk.

“Yeah, and a sugar high would be the last of anyone’s worries.” Police Chief Ben Anders leaned back in his chair. The thing gave out a squeak of protest as it redistributed his weight. He supposed the damned thing still hadn’t gotten used to his ass yet. Well, he hated sitting in the chair as much as it didn’t want him to.

He had never wanted to be chief of police. And that was before his tiny, hick hometown of Clayton, Pennsylvania, became a hot bed of drugs. The last thing he wanted to do was call in the Feds. When they got involved in Clayton’s last crime spree, the FBI agent in charge turned out to be a vampire vampire hunter who eventually turned Ben’s best friend and the previous chief of police into a card-carrying member of the undead.

He shook the grim thoughts of the woman he’d once fancied himself in love with out of his head.

Picking up one of the bags of cocaine, he looked up at the officer. “You got a dealer to go with the nose candy?”

“You ain’t gonna like the answer.” His old high school buddy shook his head and bracketed his skinny hips with his hands.


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