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Interview with Amara Royce author of ALWAYS A STRANGER

If you are a plotter, how do you handle when your characters decide they don’t like you have plotted and do their own thing?

I’m relatively new to writing as a plotter. When I first started writing, I was a total panster, following wherever the characters and storyline seemed to want to go. For ALWAYS A STRANGER and my next book, I’ve been much more of a plotter. In part, that’s been born of necessity; when my first book was picked up, the publisher offered me a two-book deal, even though I hadn’t completed the second book yet. So I needed to plot out the rest of what became ALWAYS A STRANGER for my editor to approve before completion. I also wrote a synopsis for Book 3 for approval and am now writing the actual novel. Still, my characters drive the story so, if new twists and turns and characters appear that aren’t in my initial plan, I’ll take some time to see where they take me. It’s usually a better direction than I’d originally intended. That happened with ALWAYS A STRANGER—no massive plot changes but certainly little details and events that changed from the original synopsis. I’m very fortunate that my editor was happy with the changes.

Do you have any other books? What do you have planned next?

My previous historical romance, NEVER TOO LATE, was released last year. I’m working on Book 3, tentatively called NEVER WITHOUT LOVE, which features a friend of the heroine of NEVER TOO LATE. Like Honoria in NEVER TOO LATE, Book 3’s heroine, Mrs. Helena Martin, is a widow in her 40s. Returning 20 years later to care for her ailing grandmother, she faces the long-simmering anger of this close-knit community and happens to find out some disturbing realities about some local businesses. As she tries to make things right, she finds a surprising yet irresistible ally: the brother of the man she jilted so many years earlier.

Was ALWAYS A STRANGER easy to write?

Some parts of it were. I saw and heard the main characters very clearly. It was also relatively easy to write characters who’d appeared in my previous book, NEVER TOO LATE. They seemed like old friends.

Who was easier to write–Hero or Heroine? Why?

They both had their moments of ease and difficulty, but overall I’d say the hero was easier to write. His behavior and dialogue seemed more natural, while Hanako tended to be a rather prickly and not always admirable character, frequently angry and frustrated by her situation. So I had to be extra careful about the cumulative effects of her scenes as the story developed. It was a challenge to depict her realistically and yet sympathetically.

Why are your hero and heroine perfect for each other?

Both Hanako and Skyler at are complex transitional moments in their lives. He has just lost his father and brother and become the unintended heir of his father’s title and estate. She is at the mercy of her employer, whose plans promise to dictate her future.  He craves to prove himself up to the task of filling his father’s shoes, and she craves to be free of the horrible responsibilities and future awaiting her. Their lives seem to follow opposite extreme trajectories, and yet they need each other to find balance and peace.


Fun Questions

What’s your favorite TV show or movie of all time?

Such a difficult question! My very favorite movie of all time is almost certainly THE GODFATHER. Fascinating story, phenomenal acting, complex characters—I never get tired of it.

If you could chose a period in history to be born in, what would it be and why?

Well, it’s probably not hard for anyone to guess my answer—the Victorian period. It’s just so full of ……

What was the most embarrassing thing your husband/boyfriend/partner/friend ever did to you in public?

In all honesty, I can’t think of a single thing. One of the many things that I appreciate about my husband is that he wouldn’t do embarrassing things to me publicly! He knows I hate being the center of attention, much less in ways that might make me feel bad!

What is the one place you have never visited but would love to?

London. Someday I will…someday.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could choose any famous person (living or dead), who would you chose to be stranded with you and why?

Well, I’d like to say anyone famous enough that a search party would go out immediately so we wouldn’t be stranded for long, but that’s probably cheating. I suppose I’d say Albert Einstein because, well, I’m a geek and would love to keep learning, even while stranded on a desert island.


Quick Quiz:

Cake or Chips


Steak or Veggie Burger

Well, if it’s a good steak, absolutely a steak. But I’m really picky about beef so I’d take a veggie burger over a bad steak!

Chocolates or Roses


Boxers or Briefs or Nothing at all

Boxer briefs! The best of both worlds!

And since I write both, I have to know which you prefer… Vampires or Cowboys

Hmm…any vampire cowboys out there?



Always a Stranger by Amara Royce 

Always a Stranger


Amara Royce



When two worlds collide, anything is possible. . .

An international affair, London’s Great Exhibition has taken the city by storm. As its newest Royal Commissioner, Lord Skyler Ridgemont must ensure the performers are properly contracted. Among them is the delicate and graceful Hanako Sumaki. Draped in vivid silk robes, Hanako’s exotic Japanese fan dance captivates Skyler–and he longs to learn more about her. . .

But Hanako’s enigmatic employer keeps his exquisite charge very close. The consummate artist, she shows the handsome nobleman many faces, but never her true heart, which holds a desperate secret. When Skyler learns the real reason Hanako has been brought to London, he will risk his entire world to win her trust–and save her from losing both body and soul. It’s a feat that will require the type of courage only love can give. . .


Buy Links:

Amazon  |  Barnes and Noble



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Meet Amara…Amara Royce

Amara Royce writes historical romances that combine her passion for 19th-century literature and history with her addiction to happily ever afters.

She earned a PhD in English, specializing in 19th-century British literature, from Lehigh University and a Master’s degree in English from Villanova University, and she now teaches English literature and composition at a community college in Pennsylvania.

When she isn’t writing, she’s either grading papers or reveling in her own happily ever after with her remarkably patient family. You can find her at


Author Links:

Website   |  Twitter  |  Facebook


A Rafflecopter Giveaway (Two Digital Copies of ALWAYS A STRANGER or $20.00 Amazon or B&N Gift Card)

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Interview with Ellen Butler author of POPULAR PLACE

First, I’d like to thank Sara for having me on her fabulous blog. It’s always such a thrill reaching out to new readers. Now, on to the questions.

Welcome, Ellen….Let’s start off with  what genre or genres do you write?

I write Romance and Women’s Fiction. I really enjoy writing the women’s fiction because I don’t have to solely focus on the romantic relationship to drive the story. So, I find it provides more outlets for plot development.

What do you think makes a good story?

I think character development is the most important thing to making a good story. A weak plotline can be pulled through with strong characters. But, weak characters generally can’t hold up even the strongest plotline.

Whatever became of your very first book?

Poplar Place is the first book I wrote, but my second publication. A little romance, Second Chance Christmas, I wrote last year was the first out of the gate. It’s taken me longer to get Poplar Place published because it crosses genres, and for the most part publishers don’t like that. If you’re a newbie, publishers like you to fit into their boxes. I’m sure in large part because it helps with marketing, so I can’t say I blame them.

Do you have any other books? What do you have planned next?

I’m working on a romance trilogy right now about three women, living in California who are so focused on their careers, they need a little help with their love lives. The first is an interior designer, the second owns her own event planning business, and the third is a museum curator.

What inspired you to write Poplar Place?

When my oldest son was a toddler I wrote up a couple of different outlines, characters, and the first chapters of three different stories. Then my second came along and I stuffed it all in a drawer because I simply didn’t have time or the creative energy to write. Once my youngest started attending pre-school, I finally had a little time to myself. So, I pulled Poplar Place out of the drawer and started typing.

 Was Poplar Place easy to write?

In a way I think Poplar Place was the easiest to write. I didn’t have any deadlines. I’d been ruminating on the plot for so many years that it was clear in my mind, and I had nothing to lose. Now it’s different. Future books tend to have deadlines and you have less time to create the storyline.

What is your favorite part? (If you’d like to share a little excerpt of that part, you may do so.)

My favorite part to write was the climax, and…sorry folks…because it was the climax I can’t share an excerpt with the audience. The full climax came to me in a dream after I’d written only a few chapters. The action sequence was so clear and exciting that I banged it out and filed it until it was the right time to slip it into the story.

Some authors write in chunks like this. However, I don’t recommend it because it can cause inconsistencies and wreak havoc on character attributes.


For Fun Questions:

What’s your favorite TV show or movie of all time?

TV Show is a toss-up between Friends and MASH. Movie is waaaay to hard. There are too many to choose from.

If you could chose a period in history to be born in, what would it be and why?

Now. Air conditioning is my best friend and the best invention EVER. I’m not sure I could survive in the clothing women had to wear back in the day without it. I’m a realist and I like my creature comforts. I also live in an area with hot, humid summers; A/C keeps me sane.

What was the most embarrassing thing your husband/boyfriend/partner/friend ever did to you in public?

Back in college I had a friend drop a drink on my head when we were out at a bar. That was pretty embarrassing. It also had lemonade in it, so it was really sticky. Sadly for the most part, all the embarrassing things that happened in my life can be contributed directly to my own stupidity or clumsiness.

What is the one place you have never visited but would love to?

Egypt. It’s on the Bucket List. I think I was an Egyptologist in a former life, I’m desperate to see the Pyramids, Luxor, the Cairo Museum, everything. Maybe one day the political climate will improve and I’ll feel comfortable traveling there.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could chose any famous person (living or dead), who would you chose to be stranded with you and why?

I don’t like to camp, so I’m going to have to choose an outdoorsman like Davey Crockett. I’d pretty much rely on him to hunt and catch stuff for us to eat, and show me how to build a shelter.


Quick Quiz:

Cake or Chips — CAKE, I’m a huge fan of cake. All shapes and sizes.

Steak or Veggie Burger — Steak. What can I say, I like cow.

Chocolates or Roses — Chocolate.

Boxers or Briefs or Nothing at all – Boxers.

And since I write both, I have to know which you prefer… Vampires or Cowboys

Cowboys, I like how they look in their tight jeans and cowboy hats. Yehaw!

That’s all folks. I hope I’ve lived up to your reader’s expectations.

One last thing…

Book Groups – Visit my website, to find book club questions on Poplar Place. I’m available to be a guest author for book clubs as well. Fill out the contact form on the website for more information.



Poplar Place by Ellen Butler


Popular Place


 Ellen Butler



Newly minted librarian, Cara Baker, effectively cuts ties with her tumultuous life in Pittsburgh, and moves to South Carolina where she embraces the peaceful, laid-back style of small town living. Everything seems to be falling into place when Cara finds the perfect house to round out her new plans. Well… perfect except for the immovable hermit living on the top floor. She throws caution to the wind, and buys the fabulous house—hermit and all—without meeting him. By wooing her reclusive renter with notes and mouthwatering meals, he caves and invites her up to the apartment. Preconceived notions are blown out of the water, when she finds Danny isn’t the nerdy Mr. Mole she envisioned.

Unfortunately, FBI phone calls from her past bring Cara’s summer idle to an abrupt halt. Will demons from a former life destroy Cara’s tranquility?



I resigned myself to returning the FBI phone calls. I couldn’t put it off any longer. Both Bryant and Hutchins had left phone messages again yesterday, and their persistence made me nervous. Rolling out of bed, I shuffled downstairs to start the coffee, my liquid courage. I drank half a cup and dialed. Hutchins didn’t answer. I braced myself and dialed Special Agent Bryant.


“It’s Cara Baker.”

“Listen, I have some news. The U.S. Marshals have lost contact with Tony Rizolli.”

I paused to digest this.


“You must be joking! How the hell did that happen?”

“His tracking anklet was cut, and he disappeared.”

“Do they think he’s been whacked?”

“They’re not sure.”

“Why are you calling me? You do realize I no longer work for the DA’s office.”

“Yes, we know that.”

Exasperated I asked, “Then why are you calling to tell me this? Not much I can do.”

“I’m concerned about your safety. Tony bore a lot of hostility toward you.”

“The FBI’s concerned, or you’re concerned?”

“I’m concerned.” He stated matter-of-factly.

“What does the FBI think?”

“The FBI thinks there’s a leak in the Marshals’ office and Rizolli’s six feet under.”

“Why does Tony have so much animosity toward me? He walked into a shiny new life provided by the American taxpayers.”

“The money.”

I took a moment, rubbing a hand across my eyes. “What does he know?”

“We’re not sure. I think one of the pencil pushers at the Marshals’ office told him about the Cayman accounts during relocation. There was very little legitimate money he could take into the program. He wasn’t happy about it.”

I sucked in a breath. “Agent Bryant….”

“Call me Tom.”

“Tom, what exactly are you worried about?”

“If Rizolli isn’t sleeping with the fish, he’s a loose cannon. I don’t trust him. You may be in danger.”


“And you need to watch your back. Call me or Hutchins if you see anything suspicious. I mean anything out of the ordinary. If you see a strange car in the neighborhood, get the plates and call me.”

“I’ll take that under advisement, Agent Bryant. What about Denise?”

“She’s covered. I’ve called in some favors.”

“Fine. Please let me know if anything new develops.”


Buy Links:

Amazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |  Smashwords  |   Turquoise Morning Press Bookstore  |  Kobo  


Meet Ellen…Ellen Butler

Ellen Butler lives in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC, and she considers herself an old-new writer. In other words, she’s old to writing, new to novel writing. She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Policy, and her history includes a long list of writing and editing for dry but illuminating professional newsletters, and windy papers on public policy. The leap to novel writing was simply a creative outlet for Ellen’s over active and romantic imagination to run wild.

You can find Ellen’s debut release, Second Chance Christmas, at Amazon. Professionally, she belongs to the Virginia Writer’s Club, the Northern Virginia Writer’s Club, and is a founding member of the Tempting Romance blog. When she’s not writing, Ellen is either, running around after her children, decorating a neighbor’s house, or holed up in her favorite lounge chair reading. Ellen is an admitted chocoholic and confesses to a penchant for shoe shopping. Book club questions for Ellen’s novels can be found on her website.

Author Links:

Website   |   Facebook  |  Blog  |   Goodreads



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Book Spotlight—KING’S & KING FOR A DAY The King Trilogy by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

King's by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff



KING’S, Book One of The King Trilogy, releasing May 15th, 2014

“I am the man who can find anything or anyone. For a price. And my price is you.”

When Mia Turner’s brother goes missing while on an archeological dig, she believes that life couldn’t get much worse. But when she’s blocked at every turn by both local and U.S. authorities from finding answers, she must turn to a man she swears is the devil.

Others might be fooled by his private jet, fine tailored suits, and disarming smile, but Mia knows something dark, something sinister lurks behind those penetrating, pale gray eyes. And the more she learns, the more she realizes she may never be free again.


Read an Excerpt HERE 


Buy Links:

Author WebsiteAmazon


(A little review aside:  I bought this book upon it’s release because, when I signed up for the tour, the blurb caught my attention. I’m currently reading King’s now and well all I can say is HOLY WOW! ….It is one fast paced, well-written, fascinating ride with wonderful characters.  I haven’t finished the book yet, so this really isn’t a review, but I can say from what I have read that I highly recommend it.)


King for a Day by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff



KING FOR A DAY, Book Two of The King Trilogy, Releasing May 2014

Better the devil you don’t know?

When Mia Turner’s life becomes tethered to a mysterious billionaire who she swears is the devil himself, she knows she must find a way to break free. It doesn’t matter if everything about him—those sinful lips, those steel-gray eyes, that perfect male body—keeps her awake at night, restless for him. She has to get away.

But when this man, known simply as King, disappears without a trace, Mia will discover she’s not home free. Because the only thing keeping her safe from King’s ruthless, depraved, power-hungry social circle had been him.

If Mia wants to survive, not only must she find King, but she will have to conceal his absence and walk a mile in the evil man’s twisted, cruel shoes. What she discovers in the process, however, will leave her more terrified and her heart more conflicted than she ever imagined.

King is not who she thought. She wasn’t even close.


Buy Links:

Author Website 



To Follow Tour   


Meet Mimi…mimi-jean-panfiloff

When San Francisco native, Mimi Jean, went on an adventure as an exchange student to Mexico City, she never imagined the journey would lead to writing Romance. But one Mexican MBA, one sexy Mexican husband, and two rowdy kids later, Mimi would trade in corporate life for vampires, deities, and snarky humor.    She continues to hope that her books will inspire a leather pants comeback (for men) and that she might make you laugh when you need it most.   She also enjoys interacting with her fans (especially if they’re batshit crazy). You can always find her chatting away on Facebook, Twitter, or saying many naughty words on her show MAN CANDY on



Author Links

Website  |  Radioslot  |  Twitter  |   Facebook



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Book Spotlight—KANE’S BOUNTY and JOSHUA’S MISTAKE by A.S. Fenichel


Kane's Bounty by AS Fenichel




Kane’s Bounty, Released May 8th, 2013

Telepathic bounty hunter Kane has one rule—never get involved with a fugitive.

It’s a simple assignment with good money at the end. Picking Lena up is no problem. Protecting her when her ex-husband, mercenaries and another bounty hunter threaten her turns into the fight of their lives.

Together, the Stones of Adeline and Lena are powerful magic. She never considered the complication of the sexy bounty hunter and her undeniable desire for him. Their paranormal bond will need to be strong if they’re to survive together.



The overcrowded bar didn’t stop Kane from spotting his mark the moment she walked in. Even if he hadn’t seen her picture, her nervous demeanor would have given her away. It was too crowded to get a psychic read on her, but there were other ways to find a fugitive.

The mug shot hadn’t done her justice. Lena Cruz could stop traffic. Her curves were exactly the kind a man liked to run his hands over and other body parts came to mind too. Her dark hair just touched her shoulders and those bright hazel eyes darted nervously to every corner of the room.

She even looked at him for a second or two. He smiled and moved to lift his glass in her direction, but her focus shifted before he had the chance. He followed her gaze to the corner of the room.

“John Porter,” Kane mumbled. He had to make an effort to relax his grip on the glass before he ended up with a hand full of Jack Daniels and cheap glass. He shrugged and downed the remaining whiskey before getting up and moving to a barstool that was closer and had a better view of the corner. Porter wasn’t alone. He had a couple of his bodyguards with him and a blonde wearing too much makeup.

The band finished their set and the crowd noise lulled for a few seconds.

“It’s nice to see you, Lena,” Porter said. He stood and kissed her cheek.

“I need your help, John.”

Porter’s eyes darted around the bar. “You shouldn’t—”

The jukebox kicked on, and Kane couldn’t hear the rest of their conversation.

It made no difference. She was a mark, no more, no less. He was hired by the bail bondsman to pick her up and bring her in. What she was doing talking to a notorious money launderer was irrelevant.

He’d wait. No need to tip off Porter. Someday he might have to pick the scumbag up and he didn’t want to blow his cover. He signaled the bartender and ordered another Jack on the rocks.

Something niggled at the back of his senses. The atmosphere changed and a familiar mind slipped into his consciousness. “Wade, NO!”

The words were not out of his mouth before Shamus Wade torpedoed through the crowd and crashed into Porter’s table.

Kane was on his feet. He didn’t move forward. Interesting distraction.

All three men and the blonde who was sitting with them stood up as drinks splashed in every direction. Lena stood gape-mouthed, and Wade grabbed her arm. He stood a full foot taller than her and probably outweighed her by a hundred pounds, but she pushed at him and slapped his face. Wade’s beady eyes narrowed. Closed-fisted, Wade punched her in the head.

Mistake. Kane took a step toward them to get a better position and wait to see how the situation played out.

Wade’s head spun around, sensing Kane for the first time. When their eyes met, Kane just smiled and shook his head at the ill-laid plans of the other hunter.

The crowd went dead silent. The music screeched to a stop. Lena looked dazed for a moment and then her knees began to buckle.

Wade sensed the change in the focus of the crowd. Men and women alike were glaring at him and moving closer. “It’s okay, folks. This is my wife. We’re just heading home now.”

The bartender had already dialed 911. Kane could hear the conversation behind the bar. A woman with colorful full-sleeve tattoos, flanked by two enormous men, stepped forward. “I don’t care if she’s your momma. You ain’t going anywhere with that woman. We don’t care for men who beat their women around here.”

“It was just a little misunderstanding. Right, Lena?” Wade looked scared as the crowd moved in on him. Kane felt the building tension and rage in the bar. Anger and fear pulsed in the room, creating a dull ache in the back of his skull. He was sure Wade could feel it too and it was the cause of the hunter’s fear.

Wade still clutched Lena’s right arm tightly.

Lena’s eyes rolled back in her head and she leaned against Wade, forcing him to release her arm and grab her around the waist.

Kane moved in another two steps and sidled off to the left. The crowd pushed forward and Wade pulled his handgun. He waved the Remington 9mm in the direction of the crowd.

Mistake two.

John Porter and his associates bolted for the back door as soon as the weapon came into view.

Kane rushed in just as the two large men and the tattooed woman charged Wade. Lena slipped from his grasp and the gun hit the floor. Kane closed the gap, threw Lena over his shoulder and headed for the back door.

He heard as much as sensed the change in the crowd as the fight started. Kane didn’t know how long it would take the police to arrive or if Wade would get away before that happened. He had to get her to a safe place. He could take her to local law enforcement for extradition in the morning.

The rear exit led out to a narrow alley. Before they’d reached a hundred feet from the noisy bar, she pounded on his back. “Put me down.”

“That was a fine performance, Lena. Why don’t you continue with the knocked-out act for a few minutes more?”




Buy Links:

Amazon |  Barnes and Noble  |  Ellora’s Cave




Joshua's Mistake by AS Fenichel




Joshua’s Mistake, Released March 28th, 2014

Accused of treason and the murder of her Psychic Special Forces team, Tessa is in the custody of the FBI. She’s shocked and terrified when the most powerful Psi Agent in the world shows up to probe her mind and discover her guilt or innocence.

Joshua never expected to find a victim of one of his probes attractive, but he can’t seem to leave her behind when all hell breaks loose. Saving the stunning blonde means being drawn into a psychic war that will definitely end his career—and likely both of their lives.

The rhythm of their psychic auras hums to perfection and neither can fight the bond, but it’s all ripped away by a madman with a grudge. Tessa falls into a coma, and Joshua will have to risk his heart and soul to pull her back from the brink.


Excerpt :

“Joshua Lakeland. I think I’m honored to have elicited such a high level agent’s attention,” she said sarcastically.

“Tessa Clark, I’ve been ordered to probe you.” His words were even, in spite of the gravity of what they conveyed. The room was wired for sound. If he pulled the listening devices, the outside agents would likely force their way in.

Her eyes widened and he saw fear for only an instant before her training returned and she masked all emotion. “I understand.”

He pulled a chair around to her side of the table, sat and leaned in very close. “Do you? Because I don’t really want to kill you or leave you a vegetable, Tessa. I have orders and they come from pretty high up.”

“You’ll have to follow them.” Her voice was even, but her emotions bubbled just under the surface.

He already liked the feel of her energy swimming around him. It didn’t happen often, but once in a while a psychic came into contact with another whose energy meshed with their own. He thought of it as if they were two musical instruments that had been perfectly tuned to play together. It was rare for anyone with psi talents, but for Joshua it had never happened. His abilities were off the charts. Theoretically he was the most powerful psychic talent in the world.

Joshua stood up and walked a few steps away. “I’ve read your file. You were on the short list for my next field team.”

“I’m flattered.” She sounded as if she actually was.

The irony wasn’t lost on him. “I’ve been doing this a long time. I didn’t notice anything in your record that would indicate you were a traitor about to cause the death of three good men.”


“Do you want to tell me what happened?”


He spun around and found her staring at the empty table. “Because you had them killed?”

Her head snapped around and her eyes locked with his. “Because it was the single most horrifying experience of my life and I’ll be fucked if I’m going to relive it here with you.”

“The powers that be don’t believe you.”



Buy Links:

Amazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |  Kobo  |  Ellora’s Cave



To Follow the Tour   


Meet A. S. Fenichel…

A.S. Fenichel gave up a successful career in New York City to follow her husband to Texas and pursue her lifelong dream of being A.S. Fenichela professional writer. She’s never looked back.

A.S. adores writing stories filled with love, passion, desire, magic and maybe a little mayhem tossed in for good measure. Books have always been her perfect escape and she still relishes diving into one and staying up all night to finish a good story.

Multi-published in both erotic and historical romance, A.S. has 5 books currently available and three more under contract with Ellora’s Cave Publishing.

Originally from New York, she grew up in New Jersey, and now lives in the East Texas with her real life hero, her wonderful husband. When not reading or writing she enjoys cooking, travel, history, and puttering in her garden.


Author Links:

Website  |  Blog  |  Facebook  |   Twitter  |   Goodreads  |   +Google  |   Pinterest


A Rafflecopter Giveaway ($20.00 Amazon or B&N Gift Card and TWO Digital Copies of KANE’S BOUNTY)

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Book Spotlight—BREAKING TIES by Jo Grafford…Only 99 cents until the end of May!

Breaking Ties by Jo Grafford


Breaking Ties


Jo Grafford


ROSE PAYNE’S world is shattered after a secret betrothal to the duke’s son costs her job in his father’s household. Desperate for work, she signs up for a risky overseas venture and sails for the New World, vowing never again to fall for a wealthy gentleman. Returning from a diplomatic tour in London, CHIEF MANTEO is bewitched by the elusive, fiery-haired ship clerk and determined to overcome her distrust. He contrives a daring plan to win her heart – one he prays will protect her from a chilling conspiracy involving murder, blood money, and a betrayal of their fledgling colony so terrifying it can only be revealed in BREAKING TIES.




“You want my help.” ‘Twas an accusation.


His eyes darkened. “I save your life. I give gifts. I offer marriage.” He closed the remaining distance between us, his eyes burning into mine.

I stumbled back.

“You give nothing in return,” he snarled. “You only ask for more.”

“I would had I something to offer,” I whispered. “But I have nothing. I am nothing.”

“Then what use are you to me?” He wheeled away.

I sagged against the door, eyes stinging. I blinked rapidly and pressed a hand to my stomach. Nausea rolled at the thought of informing the others of my failure.

Manteo circled the cabin like a hawk stalking its prey. ‘Twas a fine room with ornately carved shelves lining one wall. Bunks were built into the next wall. A generous desk jutted from the third, overflowing with maps and navigational devices. I recognized the compass and hourglass but could not identify the other instruments. I jerked in surprise when Manteo swooped down upon me.

“I know our location.” His arms shot out and slapped the wall on either side of me, hemming me to the door. “I could swim ashore from here.”

“Then why do ye stay if ye can leave and save yourself?”

“Governor White gave his word to deliver me home.”

“We are going to starve, Manteo. ‘Tis only a matter of days now.”

“Nay. You alone starve. The others eat.”

“I have no appetite.”

“You act as one already dead.”

I straightened my back. “I accept what I cannot change.”

“And I change what I cannot accept.” He shifted his weight to the wall, one arm propped over my head. He drew his fingertips down the side of my face in a feather-light caress.

I closed my eyes against the rush of unbearable sweetness. He made me long for things forbidden. “‘Tis within your power to help us. I am begging you.”

“Very well.”

My eyes flew open. “Ye will do this for us.”

“For you.” His voice was silken, his features as hard as granite.

I smiled tremulously. “I thank thee, Manteo. Chief Manteo, that is.” The new title felt strange on my lips. I beheld him with a mixture of awe and pride.

“I have yet to name my price.”

I stared, confused.

He grunted in disgust. “You refuse me as both husband and lover, so you are left with the hiring of my services.”

I worried my lower lip between my teeth. At least he was willing to negotiate. His eyes flashed with lust as he followed my movements.

“I will entreat the Dares for payment.”

“Nay. You are the one in my debt.”

I raised and dropped my hands helplessly.

“You serve this company, no? You can serve my people, too.”

“Ye would hire me as clerk?” Hope leaped in my chest at the possibilities. I would not have to part from him so soon.

“My people have no clerks.” His eyes narrowed. “We have slaves.”

My breath hitched. “Ye wish to punish me, humiliate me?”

“Nay, I only wish to marry you.”

I briefly closed my eyes against the pain. He already knew the reason for my refusal.


“Say no more. I will do it. ‘Twill be punishment enough to see you so often and—“ I clamped my lips.

Exultation flickered briefly across his face. “You would give up your freedom to save your friends?”

“Without question.”

“Swear it,” he said grimly.

I swear it.”

His eyes flared with emotion. He bent slowly ’til his breath stirred my lips. My eyelids fluttered closed. Heaven help me, for I had no will left to resist him.

“Now you will eat,” Manteo commanded hoarsely. He stepped back, surveying me from head to feet.


“I have no slaves so thin and weak. Go. Collect your rations.” He turned from me and bent to pore over a map on the table.

I reached for the door handle, disbelieving at the curt dismissal.

“And send for Anthony. I have need of him.”

I glared at his back. Faith, should I press my face to the floor as well? “Aye, master.” I bit the words out and fled.

(To be continued…) 




Buy Links:

Amazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |  Smashwords  |   iBooks  |   Astraea Press  


 Meet Jo…Jo Grafford

Jo is an award-winning author at Astraea Press who loves to indulge in marathon showings of CSI, NCIS, and Castle. From St. Louis, Missouri, she holds an M.B.A. and has served as a banker, college finance instructor, and high school business teacher. She is a PRO member of Romance Writers of America and From the Heart Romance Writers RWA Chapter.  The mother of three children and the wife of a soldier, she serves as a literacy volunteer for elementary school students.


Author Links:

Website  | Facebook  |  Twitter  |   Goodreads  |  Google+  | 




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Book Spotlight with Excerpt—ON THE ROCKS by Erin Duffy

On the Rocks by Erin Duffy


On the Rocks


Erin Duffy


A heartwarming novel about friendship, family, and finding love in the Facebook Age-the perils, pitfalls, and dubious pleasures of being a modern young single woman-from Erin Duffy, the author of Bond Girl

Six months ago, Abby’s life fell apart for all the world to see. Her longtime boyfriend-turned-fiancé, Ben, unceremoniously dumped her-on Facebook-while she was trying on dresses for the big day.

When the usual remedies-pints of Ben & Jerry’s, sweatpants, and a comfy couch-fail to work their magic, her best friend, Grace, devises a plan to get Abby back on her game. She and Abby are going to spend the summer in Newport, in a quaint cottage by the sea, enjoying cool breezes, cocktails, and a crowd of gorgeous men.

But no matter how far away they go, Abby and Grace discover that in the era of social media-when everyone is preserving every little detail of their lives online-there is no real escape. Dating has never been easy. But now that the rules are more blurred than ever, how will they find true love? And even if they do, can romance stand a chance when a girl’s every word and move can go viral with a single click?



I felt like the upheaval of my personal life overflowed into every other area of my life and made me question everything I thought I wanted. I didn’t even know if I wanted to be a teacher anymore, and that was something that I had wanted since I was old enough to play school with my friends in my basement. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I take great pride in knowing that I’m helping to mold a future generation of leaders at a prestigious Catholic nursery school in the Back Bay. But after ten years and the reality check that this last year had provided, I was starting to wonder if I made any impact on the kids whatsoever. I mean, it wasn’t like I was teaching chemistry or economics or calculus. I was teaching kids not to eat glue. Most of them would be able to figure that out on their own, eventually. The last week of February I caught a girl stuffing extra Oreos into her kneesocks at snack time. So much for molding future generations of America’s leaders. Apparently, the only thing I was molding was a future generation of petty thieves with eating disorders.

And that wasn’t even the worst of it.

To add insult to oh-such-severe injury, my little sister Katie’s wedding was fast approaching. There really ought to be some kind of written rule that says little sisters are not allowed to get engaged while their big sisters are dealing with the utterly fantastic destruction of their own relationship. Now, I’m not one of those people who have an issue with a younger sister getting married before them, I swear, I’m not. I do, however, have a really big issue with wearing a pink taffeta dress and opera-length gloves in July, or anytime, really. There should be written rules against that too, but I don’t think Emily Post ever got around to tackling this specific wedding dilemma in any of her books. So all has not been quiet on the home front either, and fighting wars on two fronts is never a good idea.

Just ask Napoleon.

Grace snapped her fingers in my face, forcing my wandering mind to focus on the conversation instead of on the image of myself walking down a church aisle looking like a giant stick of cotton candy. “If you won’t do it for yourself, then do it for me. I have to get out of the city on the weekends or I’ll go crazy. Please come with me. We both need to get away, and you know it.”

“Sorry, what?” I asked as I shook my head, hard, as if thrashing my skull would get the image of myself in that dress out of my head like it can get water out of your ear. For the record, it didn’t. All it did was make me look like I had a serious mental problem.


Buy Links:

Amazon   |   Barnes and Noble  |   Books A Million



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Meet Erin….Erin Duffy

Erin Duffy graduated from Georgetown University in 2000 with a B.A. in English and worked as a trader on Wall Street, a career that inspired her first book, Bond Girl. She lives in New York City.


Author Links:

Facebook  |   Goodreads  |  Author Page at HarperCollins 


A Rafflecopter Giveaway (FIVE Print Copies of ON THE ROCKS by Erin Duffy)


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Guest Post—(Last) Chance of a Lifetime by Martha O’Sullivan author of the CHANCES trilogy

My love affair with California began at the tender age of fifteen and continues today, three decades later. So it should come as no surprise that the book of my heart, which somehow turned into a trilogy, is set there.

Maybe it was the indescribable thrill of a Midwestern girl seeing the ocean for the first time. Or the unapologetically bronzed coeds with movie-star teeth driving silver metallic convertibles and playing volleyball in the sand. Perhaps the towering palm trees swaying against the impossibly blue sky? But that was in Southern Cal; my Chances trilogy takes place in Lake Tahoe and San Francisco, hundreds of miles north.

I was an inadvertently lonely, only child of the 1970s, growing up in a place where a short, precious summer turned into a long, cold winter seemingly overnight. In high school, I often opted for the city bus because it stopped in front of the library. Just a branch, but they had loads of paperback books. And I always found myself drawn to the wire rack of slightly musty and lovingly tattered romance novels. The books took me to places all over the world where effortlessly beautiful, wonderfully flawed heroines were swept off their feet by dynamic, irresistible heroes. I preferred the books to the afternoon soaps because I could use my overzealous imagination to fashion the characters to my liking. And if I found the ending disappointing or abrupt, I would simply continue the story in my head.

Writing such ideas down, however, took another thirty years.

In the interim, I went to college and met my own alpha hero. And he took me to San Francisco on our honeymoon.

And, as cliché as it sounds, that’s where I left my heart. Well, part of it anyway. Because eight years and two babies later, he took me to Lake Tahoe for the very first time.

And my frisson with California moved even farther north.

I hope my Chances trilogy will take you there. And you’ll leave a little piece of your heart behind too.


Martha O’Sullivan’s Chances trilogy is available now from Red Sage Publishing. Second Chance, the trilogy opener, is a reunion/love triangle romance that keeps the shores of Lake Tahoe blazing hot long after the sultry summer sun has set. Chance Encounter, the trilogy’s second installment, heats up San Francisco’s chilly days and blustery nights with white-hot passion and pulse-pounding suspense. And in Last Chance, the conclusion of the trilogy, lifelong friends-turned-lovers melt the snow-packed Sierras into lust-fueled puddles despite the single-digit temperatures of the Lake Tahoe winter.

Second Chance by Martha OSullivan           Chance Encounter by Martha OSullivan


Last Chance by Martha OSullivan


Last Chance

Chances trilogy #3


Martha O’Sullivan



Moira Brody knows Paul Webster better than he knows himself. But neither one of them know that he’s as in love with her as she is with him. These friends-turned-lovers will have to look at each other with fresh eyes and brave hearts. And even the single-digit temperatures and snowcapped peaks of the Lake Tahoe winter are no match for their long-bridled desire.


Paul laid Moira down on the rumpled bed, and standing above her, got out of his shirt and pants. She’d seen him shirtless countless times before. But it was as if she was seeing him through different eyes. His pecs were firm but not overbearing; his abs ripped but not enough to make him barrel-chested; his arms defined but not herculean. And every bit of that thoroughbred-like body was lowering itself on top of her.

Along with something else.

And it was throbbing against her thigh through form-fitting briefs.

Arrows of fear and excitement shot through her and she wondered if he could hear her heart beating outside her chest. He framed her head with his arms. “I’ve wanted you for so long,” he effused, “without even knowing it.”

Moira gulped. “Then take me.”

Her newfound initiative seemed to surprise, then intrigue him and began to indulge her.

She welcomed his mouth, his tongue, his bite. She loved the way he brushed his fingers across her cheeks, combed his hands through her hair and down the nape of her neck before cocooning her in his arms. He kissed her with his whole body, feasting on her throat and shoulders before scooting back and finding his way to the hem of her dress.

“I’ll go easy. I promise.”

“I’m not going to break.”

His sultry eyes fired with desire. “Be careful what you wish for.”

Lifting her arms above her head, she silently yielded to him.

Paul slipped his hands under the silk and began shimmying the dress up her thighs. He stopped appraisingly at her hips, then continued up her torso to the swell of her breasts. He tasted them impalpably, then slipped the dress over her shoulders.

He extended his arms in invitation and she raised herself on her knees to meet him. Cupping the back of her neck, he brought her to him. She surrendered to his mouth, his hands, and soon she knew, as a chord struck deep inside her, to his burgeoning erection.

Not a word passed between them, but her eyes granted him the permission he so desperately sought. His impatient hands unhooked the strapless bra with disturbing deft. He’d done this before, she reminded herself.

A lot.

His fingertips grazed her chest and throat as if looking for a place to start. He settled on her breasts, making concentric circles on her nipples with his thumbs before easing her back against the upholstered headboard.

His shaft was nudging at her as he began where he’d left off.

But with his teeth this time.

Nibble by tortuous nibble, he tugged, snagged, bit until her nipples stood on point. A lightning bolt of lust flashed in her bundle of nerves below as he licked his way down to her bellybutton. He paused to circle it with his tongue, then returned to her mouth, sampling her all the while.

His hands continued south to the strings resting below her hipbones. He waggled the panties down, then jettisoned them with a nimble kick.

“You are so beautiful,” he venerated, finding her. “Everywhere. I want to touch every inch of you.”

She reached for him more clumsily than she liked. He was as stiff as a board and globules of need were oozing through the black cotton. “I want to touch you first,” she ventured. “Show me what to do.”

He made quick work of all that separated them and lying next to her, placed her hand on his pulsating cock.

“You’ll know.”

She gripped him, and going on instinct, began to stroke. His breath instantly caught in his throat, encouraging her to quicken the pace. Head falling back in praise, he mumbled something indistinct as his body tensed and penis curved into the crook of her hand.

His moans filled the heavy air as she began to milk him with long, lazy titillations. She wondered if he could grow any more engorged without bursting.

The tip of him was seeping thick, heavy drops and she likened it to the hedonic wicking between her legs. She had never felt that kind of sweeping heat before. And the flame was spreading at an alarming rate. Her wetness was chasing the rush, only to ignite it again.

Just then he reached for her and felt it for himself.

“Oh God,” he droned, eyes rolling back in his head. “You’re dripping.” In one smooth move, he rolled on top of her. His erection rested on her damp nest of curls and he skirted his lips across hers. “I need to be inside you now.”

Bracing herself, she answered the prayer in his voice by spreading her thighs in wholehearted invitation.

She felt his hand between her legs, then his erection find her. She winced a little when the head of his manhood began inching into her center.

“It’s gonna hurt a little. I’ll go slow.”

He was right; it did hurt. But she bit back the pain and arched beneath him.

Working her into the gap between his thighs, he slid his hands up her back and pushed her breasts against his chest. His glistening eyes found hers. “I love you, Moira.”

She felt her heart swell along with his member. “I love you, too. So incredibly much.”

Interlacing their fingers and plumbing his elbows, he began to move inside her. “Oh, baby,” he cried out in a low, throaty growl. “You’re so wet, so warm, so tight.”

She wondered if he could also feel the fever scalding her from top to bottom. Or the barrier of resistance shattering in its wake. Her hips began to sway in sync with his. Each thrust brought less sting and more urgency.

Rising to his knees, he positioned himself between her legs, then began to rock above her.

He was tapping the very essence of her now, teasing her with climax. She felt aglow, like all the energy in her body had dovetailed into a cluster of ecstasy between her legs.

He broke pace only to grab her by the butt cheeks and draw her flush to him. “Put your legs up on my back,” he pleaded more than bid.

She obliged and Paul impelled himself deeper into her. And just as the ecstasy overtook her, he roared her name and claimed her.

Buy links:

Red Sage    |   Amazon   |   Barnes and Noble   |   All Romance Ebooks   |   Goodreads

Meet Martha…

Martha O’Sullivan has loved reading romance novels for as long as she can remember. Writing her own novels is the realization of a lifelong dream for this stay-at-home mom. Martha writes spicy, contemporary romances with traditional couples and happy endings. She is the author of the Chances trilogy from Red Sage Publishing. Her current work-in-progress in a sweet and steamy Christmas novel set in Costa Careyes, Mexico. A native Chicagoan, she lives her own happy ending in Tampa with her husband and two daughters.

Please visit or for reviews, excerpts and more.

Find Martha on the web at:

Website   |   Facebook   |   Twitter   |   Pinterrest   |   Blog   |   Goodreads  



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Interview with Gemma Brocato author of HEARTS IN HARMONY

I’d like to introduce one of my very talented Lyrical Press sisters Gemma Brocato… Start us off with telling everyone a little about yourself.

I’m a middle child, and a Virgo. And that should be enough said. But to clarify (yup- that’s the Virgo in me): I go out of my way to make everyone feel included and welcome. I’m also a list maker and prefer to live life without clutter and chaos free. So if you show up unexpectedly at my house, I’ll invite you into my tidy home and offer you some sort of tasty refreshment.

What genre/genres do you write?

I’ve focused my efforts on contemporary romance, because I’m lazy. I didn’t want to have to do all the research necessary to write historical or Regency romance. I’ve also written a science fiction romance novella (again – no research. I got to make stuff up). When I first quit my full-time job to be a writer full-time, I tried my hand at a time-travel story. I still love that story and will probably try to complete it some day.

If you are a pantser, how do you handle when you write into a corner?

I’d like to say I go to the gym and get some exercise. But that would be a whopper. My approach varies. If I believe it’s a recent development, I’ll go back a couple of chapters and edit my way out of the corner. When it’s really severe, I pull out my Tarot cards and Tarot for Writers book and ‘read’ my way out of it.

Is Hearts In Harmony part of a series? If so, tell us about it.

It is book 2 in the Five Senses Series. When I was writing the first book, Cooking Up Love, I enjoyed three of the secondary characters so much, I decided to give of them each a story of their own. Because I like a challenge, I decided to center each of my protagonists’ employment around one of the five senses. And since there are four children in the Kerrigan family, I had to develop a fifth character. I’ll be introducing Gunnar in Exposed To Passion, which is book 3 and due out in October. I can’t wait to tell his story.

Was Hearts In Harmony easy to write?

I’m not sure about easy, but I had a better sense of place and time due to having completed the first in the series. I didn’t have to reinvent my world, just build upon it.

What is your favorite part?

I wrote a scene where Clay sneaks into Pippa’s backyard in the dead of night to replace the small seedling her children had received at his Christmas tree farm with much larger trees. Personally, I think this scene is the first time Clay is truly loveable.  Here’s an excerpt for it: 

“I have a plan. This is why I needed you to plant the trees tonight.” He gestured to the hole where they’d planted a seedling earlier.

Except now, instead of the small sprout they’d tucked into the earth before bedtime, a miniature Christmas tree rose out of the ground.

Her mouth worked, but no words came out as she took in the five-foot-tall tree. She stared at it, then turned her gaze to Clay. Who leaned on his shovel, grinning. Her head swiveled from the hole to the man and laughter bubble up from the bottom of her belly. She clamped a hand over her mouth, trying to muffle the sound once Clay’s plan became clear to her.

“Oh my God, that’s brilliant.”

“I wanted to replace the small trees with these magically taller ones. I thought Mason and Mia would get a charge out of it.” Clay kept his voice low, stepping closer to her. “And you too. I figured you’d guess what happened, but I thought the initial surprise would be fun.”

She grinned and whispered back, “This is just…inspired.

Now for some fun questions:

What’s your favorite TV show or movie of all time?

Star Trek – All the incarnations of the show, and most of the movies (except the first feature length movie. It moved too slowly). I’m especially fond of the last two, but that might be more about Chris Pine and Karl Urban.

If you could chose a period in history to be born in, what would it be and why?

I’d say somewhere around 2500 BC. I’ve been to Stonehenge three times and I really want to know how it was built.

What was the most embarrassing thing your husband/boyfriend/partner/friend ever did to you in public?

My husband coached my daughter’s softball team and the umpire made a bad call. I must have protested a little to vehemently, because dear Mr. Gemma turned around and shushed me. I was embarrassed and hurt.

What is the one place you have never visited but would love to?

Scotland. I kept trying to get there while we lived in London, but it never worked out.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could chose any famous person (living or dead), who would you chose to be stranded with you and why?

Merlin, the magician. I think if he couldn’t magick me out of there, he could at least conjure food, drink and shelter.

Quick Quiz:

Cake or Chips Chips – Salt and Vinegar please.

Steak or Veggie Burger – Veggie burger

Chocolates or Roses – Roses – I love the smell.

Boxers or Briefs or Nothing at all – A hybrid of the two – boxer briefs.

And since I write both, I have to know which you prefer… Vampires or Cowboys – Vampires make me swoon.


Make sure you check out Gemma’s contest at the end for an awesome prize!!!


 Hearts in Harmony, Gemma Brocato, Lyrical Press, Kensington Publishing, Five Senses Series


Hearts In Harmony


Gemma Brocato


Sometimes life’s most simple melodies become songs of love.

Pippa Sanders’ life is filled with songs of leaving, longing and loneliness. Since the death of her husband, her children have been her world. She’ll do anything to protect them, including encasing her heart in ice until they’re college age. She’s made a practice of shying away from any relationship that could break her heart when it ends. And it’s worked so far.

Clay Mathers has made a temporary move to Granite Pointe, Massachusetts to help with his mother’s Christmas tree farm while she recovers from a stroke. Although his long-range plans don’t include staying in the small town, a little female companionship during his short residency would be welcome. While on duty as sentry against protestors at a military funeral, he finds Pippa visiting her husband’s grave, and begins a campaign to make her into a friend–with benefits.

What starts as a simple affair evolves to something more, something that changes the soundtracks of both their lives…the beating of two hearts in harmony.

CONTENT WARNING: Contains strong language, hot sex and a spicy hero.

A Lyrical Press Contemporary Romance



Pippa opened her mouth to retort, when the irony of his words hit her. Yes, he did have a right to speak his mind. It was a privilege her husband had fought and died for. She just wished he wasn’t so crude about it.

Clay eyed her and crossed muscular arms over his chest, daring her to respond, waiting for a chance to chastise her again for her stupidity.

She swallowed the words she’d intended to use to put him in his place. “You’re right. Thank you for helping me.”

Shock and confusion rippled across his strong face, and laughter tickled the back of her throat. She’d managed to shut him up. The same way she might have with one of her kids when they needed to listen to reason. It was a little fun to take the wind out of his sails this way. She’d done it all her life with her brothers and had seen the same look of consternation floating on their faces.

But she’d never wanted her brothers to keep arguing with her. If this green-eyed hunk wanted to go another round with her, she’d relish it—welcome it. There was something about him…


Buy Links:

Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble  |  iTunes  |  Kobo  


Meet Gemma…

Gemma’s favorite desk accessories for many years were a circular wooden token, better known as a ’round tuit,’ and a slip of paperauthor Gemma Brocato from a fortune cookie proclaiming her a lover of words; some day she’d write a book. All it took was a transfer to the United Kingdom, the lovely English springtime, and a huge dose of homesickness to write her first novel. Once it was completed and sent off with a kiss, even the rejections addressed to ‘Dear Author’ were gratifying.

After returning to America, she spent a number of years as a copywriter, dedicating her skills to making insurance and the agents who sell them sound sexy. Eventually, her full-time job as a writer interfered with her desire to be a writer full-time and she left the world of financial products behind to pursue an avocation as a romance author.

Her gamble paid off when she was a 2012 Finalist in the prestigious Golden Pen contest for Romantic Suspense and she received contracts for her first and second book.

Social Media Links:

Website  |  Facebook   |   Twitter  |   Goodreads


Book Information:

Genre: Contemporary romance

Publisher: Kensington Books/Lyrical Press, Inc

Date of Publication: May 5, 2014



Number of pages: 300

Word Count: appox. 80,000

Cover Artist: Renee Rocco



Gemma Brocato prize


Be sure to enter my Rafflecopter drawing for a chance to win the grand prize pack worth $100. Each item in the pack has some significance to the story. I’ll be drawing one random winner on May 31. Good Luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway




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Sneak Peek Sunday— Introducing GAMBLING ON A DREAM…Can I say sizzling sexual tension?

contemporary, western, romance, romantic suspense, contemporary western romance, contemporary western, cowboy, cowboy romance, Texas romance, Native American romance, country music star romance, miltary romance


Meet Native American Sheriff Dawn Madison and sexy as hell Texas Ranger Wyatt McPherson.  These two not only have attraction to burn but also a past that cuts deep and nasty. And to make matters worse they have to work together to find the drug dealing thug killing teenage boys in their Central Texas town…

She ran her hands over her dark hair to the tight bun at the base of her skull. With jerky movements, she pulled the band holding the twisted braid captive. As she ran her fingers through the long mass of raven silk, heat coursed through him at the memories of all that hair covering him like a blanket as they’d made love. As she bent over the table and scratched her scalp in pure

frustration, all he could think about was her hair hanging down her back to brush and tickle his thighs as she rode him—her favorite position—to orgasm.

The erection was fast and furious and nearly had him groaning. Thank God, he was sitting. He forced his numbed mind to focus on the case.

“We have to find someone else who may have seen or know something.” She glanced across the table at him and straightened. If there was ever the perfect picture of a beautiful Indian maiden, it was Dawn with her hair down. Had she ever had the stuff cut? He swallowed hard and shifted in his chair as his jeans strangled his cock. How long had it been since he’d had sex? He couldn’t remember, but refused to believe he hadn’t been with someone since Dawn.

With swift, practiced motions, she broke the trance he was under by daftly braiding her hair and wrapping it into a bagel-sized knot at the back of her head. She snapped the hair band over the bun.

He cleared his throat. “When are we talking to Chris’ friends?” His voice came out sounding a bit husky even to his ears.


Oh, do you feel the heat between these two?

Check out other Sneak Peeks HERE


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Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo Books

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 179 Pages

Release Date: June 10, 2013

Jill Adgate wants three things from life: a successful catering business, a family, and the love of an exceptional man. What she has is no job, a mounting pile of bills, and her outspoken best friend—who sets her up on a blind date with the man who inadvertently ruined Jill’s life. Chet Castle is a businessman who has everything, except the ability to trust. Burned by a money-hungry fiancée, he refuses to get involved in any relationship that has a shelf life longer than a head of lettuce. Intrigued by her ambition—and determined to get her in bed—Chet offers Jill the chance of a lifetime: work as his live-in chef and he’ll help her get her catering business off the ground. When sparks fly in the kitchen, Jill realizes what’s cooking is a recipe for disaster…


Two Timing the Boss - BTR

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo Books | The Wild Rose Press

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 238 Pages

Release Date: August 22, 2012

Farah Smith is on a mission: secure the funds for her twin sister’s surgery.  She’ll do whatever it takes to succeed.  Even if that means putting her values aside to work for a man she finds morally bankrupt.  But when the real Farah meets her new boss, she wonders if she’ll be able to resist his sexy advances long enough to help her sister. From the blonde wig, to the stilettos strapped around her ankles, Farah’s a clone of Keller Donovan’s harem of past assistants.  She can’t believe she’s let herself be talked into the disguise, let alone working for the man planning to demolish the hospital her sister so desperately needs, but the salary he offers is the only way she’ll be able to afford her sister’s surgery.  The moment Farah meets Keller she realizes her most daunting task isn’t typing, spreadsheets or organizing travel arrangements, but fighting the growing attraction toward a man whose ruthlessness is legendary in the boardroom as well as the bedroom. Determined not to end up in a disastrous marriage like his divorced parents, Keller believes all relationships should have a shelf life of sixth months or less.  But when he meets Farah, all bets are off.  He not only wants her to continue as his personal assistant, but his own private bed warmer.  Unfortunately, his offer of an affair doesn’t sit well with her fairytale dreams or the strangled hold gripping his heart.



Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo Books | The Wild Rose Press

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 260 Pages

Release Date: March 20, 2012

Sunny Kennedy, the only female in a family of blue blood male detectives, is determined to prove testosterone isn’t the only qualification required to solve a cold case. Handcuffed while undercover then taken to the precinct by an attractive detective, her domineering family demands she work with Detective Judson Blackwolf, or she’s off the case.Judson Blackwolf thinks women in law enforcement should work behind the scenes. The prospect of working with his Captain’s sexy daughter doesn’t thrill him. He only agrees in hopes of solving the murder of his one time mentor’s daughter. Once the case is over, he’s moving to Montana to heal his wounds from the loss of his last partner.But when their investigation takes a dangerous turn, Sunny and Judd soon realize their feelings for each other cannot be denied.


Meet Christine…Christine Warner - Author Pic Christine Warner is living her dream in Michigan along with her husband, three children, one laptop and a much loved assortment of furry friends.

Besides laughing and a good round of humor, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, reading, writing but no arithmitic.  A confessed people watcher, she finds inspiration for her stories in everyday activities.  She loves to read and write about strong heroes and determined, sometimes sassy, heroines.

A girl gone wild, at least where social media is concerned, she enjoys meeting other avid readers and writers on facebook, twitter and her website at

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