Sneak Peek Sunday–GAMBLING ON A SECRET–Charli and Dylan’s first date…maybe.

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Can’t believe it’s Sunday again…. This week my snippet comes from Gambling On A Secret again and kind of follows last week’s peek… but is several chapters later.


She narrowed her eyes at him and huffed. “Hell, Dylan, who do you think bought the calves in the first damned place? Gambling On A Secret, Sara Walter Ellwood, contemporary western romance, romantic suspense, cowboy romance, Texas romance, small town romanceI’m no stranger to a livestock auction.”

He kissed her nose. “Okay, it’s an official date. You keep me from getting lonely, and I’ll spring for lunch while we’re there.”

“Wow, our first date is chilidogs at the Fort Worth Livestock Auction.”

Heat exploded up his neck like an oil well blowing its top. “I’m sorry I can’t afford to fly you to the Creek Inn.”

Her eyes widened, and then they burned him with green fire. “That wasn’t what I meant and you know it, you jerk. I was joking. I guess that’s not possible around you.”



So, what do y’all think…. Is Dylan in hot water again?


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2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Sunday–GAMBLING ON A SECRET–Charli and Dylan’s first date…maybe.

  1. He’s in hot something…poor guy. But I don’t think that will stop him. Good excerpt.

  2. Oops, he put his foot in it. His pride got the best of him, but I have a feeling he’ll find a way to make it up to her. 🙂 As always, a fun peek!

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