Sneak Peek Sunday–Gotta Love Love Triangles–GAMBLING ON A SECRET

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Welcome to this week’s Sneak Peek Sunday!  The peek today comes from Gambling On A Secret

Setup: Dylan overhears his step-uncle Leon Ferguson ask Charli out on a VERY expensive date to Dallas, which she accepts.  He then breaks his promise to himself and to her and goes out drinking. Charli receives a call from Sheriff Zack Cartwright in the middle of the night to bail Dylan out of jail after he is picked up for public drunkenness.

Charli worked to keep her anger from her voice. “Leon isn’t going to get my ranch. He wants me, not my land.”

For a moment, he looked as if she’d slapped him. He let out a bitter laugh. “You aren’t all he wanGambling On A Secret, Sara Walter Ellwood, contemporary western romance, romantic suspense, cowboy romance, Texas romance, small town romancets. Trust me on that one, sweetheart. Ferguson wants your land, and if he gets a woman almost half his age in the sack in the bargain, it’s just one more perk. Shit.” He shook his head and backed away. “If he can’t swindle you out of the land, he’ll marry you for it, and when he’s tired of you, he’ll throw you away. But he’ll make damn sure he keeps the ranch.”

He turned away from her for a moment before looking back. “I never expected you to be a woman who could so easily fall for a smooth talker like Ferguson.”

Her anger boiled over. “You’re a jerk. Leon has been nothing but a gentleman.” She spun on her boot heel and headed for the open cell door. “And if something develops between us and leads to marriage…so be it.”

She should just fire him and cut her losses. Maybe if she tried, she could love Leon. Damn it, she didn’t want to love any man, not Leon and, especially, not Dylan Quinn.

Zack Cartwright’s words echoed through her mind, reminding her of her promise to herself to help Dylan. She moved through the cell door and glanced over her shoulder. “Come on. I refuse to jeopardize my dreams because my manager is a total jackass.”


So, should Charli cut her loses, or do you think Dylan might know Leon and his intentions better then she does?


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11 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Sunday–Gotta Love Love Triangles–GAMBLING ON A SECRET

  1. Intriguing little “sneak peek” there 🙂 Interesting characters.

  2. Hmm, if Dylan is that fella on the cover… Charli should give him another chance. 🙂 Great peek!

  3. Great sneak peek!

  4. You have a great way of conveying emotion, and your dialogue is superb. Thoroughly enjoyed this.

  5. 😀 🙂

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  7. ♥ ❤ ☺☻ 😉 😮 O.o 😀 😀

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