Using Real Experience to Create Story–Guest Post by Darlene Panzera author of SPRINKLED WITH KISSES

Darlene Panzera, The Cupcake Diaries, Sprinkled with Kisses, contemporary romance, Avon Impulse


The Cupcake Diaries:

Sprinkled With Kisses


Darlene Panzera

Releasing March 18th, 2014

Using Real Experience to Create Story

Last May 2013, my family and I were driving by car on a cross-country road trip and after looking at weather reports, tried to out-run a 5 state wide swath of possible tornados. The storm came early and we were surrounded by frightening black-streaked skies. Thunder and lightning surrounded us. I’d never been in a threatening situation in tornado territory before. Hail followed. Then, all of the sudden an emergency announcement came over the radio stating that if anyone was in Nebraska between two specific mile markers, and we were, get off the road and take shelter now! My husband and I looked at each other. There was nothing but flat land for hundreds of miles in all directions.

What should a person do in these situations? We were close to the end of the mile marker stretch and so my husband stepped on the gas and decided to floor it! I looked at a lone woman driving next to us. What would she do? Would she make it? How did the people who lived around here handle this? I must say I felt very vulnerable to nature’s great power. We made it to Cheyenne, Wyoming where we got a motel room to ride out the storm. We made it, but the next day is when an EF5 tornado from that same storm system hit Moore, Oklahoma and leveled the town, killing 24 people and injuring 377 others.

Shortly after that I wrote The Cupcake Diaries: Sprinkled with Kisses and used my experience to draft my main heroine’s background. Stacey McIntyre carries a backpack stocked with survival supplies. When she was young, her family was caught in a tornado that swept away both her home and her beloved grandma. Stacey hid under a shed with her brother but has been afraid of natural disasters ever since.

When she moves to the Oregon Coast and gets a job running Creative Cupcakes’ mobile stand on the beach Stacey thinks she’s safe. There’s no tornados here. Then she sees all the blue and white tsunami evacuation route signs and soon learns that in 1964 Cannon Beach, Oregon  had been hit by a tsunami generated by an earthquake, and her fears rise to the surface all over again. Can Stacey overcome her fear so she can out-sell her rival, Dave Wright, who operates the ice cream truck next to her? The Cupcake Diaries: Sprinkled with Kisses is Stacey McIntyre’s humorous journey—not only to overcome fear, but to find success, happiness, and romance in the process.

If you’ve ever been caught up in a natural disaster or even just a bad rain storm, what did you do? Or if you’ve ever had to overcome a personal fear to perform your job, how did you do it? Please leave a comment below – I’d love to hear from you!


Darlene Panzera, The Cupcake Diaries,Sprinkled with Kisses, contemporary romance, Avon



Stacey McIntyre thinks she’ll pay off her debt in no time when Andi, Rachel, and Kim ask her to manage Creative Cupcakes’ stand on the beach. But selling cupcakes isn’t as easy as it seems. Especially when Dave Wright, the handsome owner of an ice cream truck proves he’s as determined as the dive-bombing seagulls to take away her sales.

Dave’s done with dating and done with beautiful, headstrong women like Stacey. Then the refrigeration on his truck breaks and instead of gloating, Stacey helps him out of a tight spot…and is rewarded with a kiss.

Now Stacey isn’t sure where they stand. Will Dave push her back into the role of rival? Or can she convince Mr. Wright that working together will lead to sweeter rewards?




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Meet Darlene…

Darlene Panzera is the winner of the “Make Your Dreams Come True” contest sponsored by Avon Books. The win led her novella, Darlene Panzera, The Cupcake Diaries, Sprinkled with KissesThe Bet, to be published with Debbie Macomber’s Family Affair. The award-winning novella (chosen in a blind-read by Debbie Macomber) was then published as a full length novel retitled, Bet You’ll Marry Me. Born and raised in New Jersey, Darlene is now a resident of the Pacific Northwest where she lives with her husband and three children. When not writing she enjoys spending time with her family, two horses, and loves: camping, hiking, photography, and lazy days at the lake.


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Rafflecopter Giveaway (Print Set of Books 1-3 of THE CUPCAKE DIARIES Series or Print Copy of BET YOU’LL MARRY ME) Click HERE to enter.



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5 thoughts on “Using Real Experience to Create Story–Guest Post by Darlene Panzera author of SPRINKLED WITH KISSES

  1. Hello, Darlene. You and I spoke in Facebook a while back and you sent me some bookmarks and postcards. I filled out the Rafflecopter in A Tasty Read Book Reviews so I don’t want to fill it out again. I am leaving a comment in the hopes you’ll understand who really wants to win. ME! 😉
    Tornado’s are scary. I should know. I’m from TX. Years ago in Lubbock I once got in the closet with a crazy cat while my mom and dad battened down the hatches. I’ve been in hurricanes as well. In FL. I slept through those. Or partied afterwards. lol! And I was in upstate NY in the 80’s when there was a small earthquake. I went back to sleep after I checked on my pet rat and another kitty who got under my living room chair from fright. Strange and scary stuff!

    • Wow Melly, sounds like you can really relate to Stacey, the heroine from Sprinkled with Kisses! Thanks for commenting and following the tour!

      • Happy to do so, Darlene. The chance to win your books is exciting!
        Yes, I can definitely relate. 🙂

  2. Tasty Book Tours

    Thank you for hosting today!

  3. Thank you for hosting today and featuring The Cupcake Diaries: Sprinkled with Kisses! I am thrilled to be here and value your support.

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