Sneak Peek Sunday–A Hunter’s Angel and A Hunter’s Blade Are in Print!

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Today on Sneak Peek Sunday, I’m sharing a bit from A Hunter’s Angel. I got news this week that The Wild Rose Press are offering A Hunter’s Angel and A Hunter’s Blade now in PRINT. I can’t wait to old my first published book in my hot little hands!

Ian let out a sigh of relief. He sped up the narrow stairs and into her tiny bedroom. He couldn’t linger.  Dawn was coming fast. He bent to lay her down, but she clung to him, vigorously shaking her head against his shoulder.paranormal romance, romantic suspense, vampires, demons, werewolves, Sara Walter Ellwood, Cera duBois

“No, I don’t wanna lay down. Hold me. I like you. You’re nice.”

Ian cursed. No child should like him. There had been a time when he’d have taken her father’s life as ruthlessly as Shane had—and the children’s, too. In the first century of his existence, he and his creator, Vivian, and their two companions had orphaned many children and even destroyed whole families— whole villages. He scowled at the memory of them roaming the countryside and villages of Ireland and Europe preying upon the poor, the weak. He was a monster, no matter how many centuries he followed the genteel master vampire, Father Pomeroy.

“No, lass, you lie back and go to sleep. I have to help your daddy.” Her father was beyond help, but she wouldn’t remember any of this anyway.

“Oh. Daddy’s hurt,” she said as if just now remembering, and another sob tore through her throat. She regarded him with big brown eyes full of misguided trust. “You’ll make him better? Make him wake up?”

“Ay, lass, he’s hurt.” Even though he ignored her other questions, she lay against the mattress, and he tucked the blankets around her small body. He kneeled beside the bed, brushed her wispy brown hair off her forehead, and smiled. “You’ll be all right. You go to sleep now.” He added a dose of mental suggestion to the verbal command.

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  1. He may have been awful in the past, but it sounds like he’s done a lot of changing. Your snippet makes me want to know more.

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