Sneak Peek Sunday–How would you react?

This week on Sneak Peek Sunday, I’m offering a bit from my very first published book–A Hunter’s Angel published under my pen name Cera duBois.

In this snippet, Grace finds something that turns her world upside down….

She turned the page and her heart jumped into her throat and stopped dead. Her hand went to her chest as she stared paranormal romance, romantic suspense, vampires, demons, werewolves, Sara Walter Ellwood, Cera duBoisat the caption above a lithograph, which took up half of the yellowed, brittle page in a century old book.

Sir Ian Henry Chamberlain, circa 1600. The flamboyant Colonel of the Royal Army of Queen Elizabeth, accredited for many victories early in the Nine Years War, disappeared with his brother, Sir Shane Thomas Chamberlain, in 1603.

The handsome, young nobleman proudly sat upon a large chestnut horse and wore the ridiculous frilly fashion of that day—doublet, jerkin, a big ruffle around his neck and what looked like tights. When an image of the old Robin Hood spoof, Men in Tights, came to mind, she clamped her hand over her open mouth unsure if she wanted to scream or laugh.

“Oh my God!” 

It’s Ian. It’s all true.

He really is a vampire.

So, tell me– If this was you, how would you react to finding a nearly 500 year old picture of your boyfriend?

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