Sneak Peek Sunday–Happy 1st Birthday Gambling On A Secret!

Today is the return of Sneak Peek Sunday and I’m celebrating the first birthday of my first contemporary western Gambling On A Secret

cowboy, contemporary western, romance, suspense

From Chapter 4:

What the hell was she hiding? What was she running from?

“My mother died in a car accident when I was fifteen. I want to help others the way I was helped.”

His curiosity was more piqued than before; however, she obviously didn’t want to talk about it. “I’m sorry I brought it up. But if what I think matters, you’ve got it pretty much together.”

“Thanks. Sometimes I wonder if this whole ranching thing is a huge mistake. I’m not worried about the money. Hank left me a rich woman, but sometimes I hope I’m not getting in way over my head.”

He slowed as he entered the outskirts of Colton. “Hey.” When she looked at him, he went on, “That’s why you have me. I won’t deny I have my own problems. But I promise you I won’t let you down.”

Earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis had nothing on the smile she gave him. Shit, he was in big trouble.


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One thought on “Sneak Peek Sunday–Happy 1st Birthday Gambling On A Secret!

  1. Sara, thanks for bringing Sneak Peek Sunday back. Loved your last paragraph!

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