Cover Reveal! The Birthday Fantasy

I’m so pleased to present my next release, a contemporary western novella set at a fictional Colorado lake called Fantacy Lake Resort….

The Birthday Fantasy


The wonderful Margery Scott did the cover.

The Birthday Fantasy, Sara Walter Ellwood, Beach read, Colorado romance, cowboy, contemporary western romance


He’s her kidnapper. Can he be her fantasy?

Tate has always known Jamie’s fiancé isn’t the man for her, so when her father approaches him with a plan to kidnap her in order to the stop the marriage, Tate believes this might be his last chance to convince Jamie he’s the man for her. He whisks Jamie away to Fantasy Lake, Colorado, for her twenty-fifth birthday, hoping to rekindle the passion they’d once shared. Jamie can’t believe her father and childhood best friend and former lover could do such a thing to her two weeks before her wedding to a rich Dallas land developer. But with hot days and scorching nights, her sexy cowboy kidnapper could be just what she needs to fulfill her every fantasy.



Tate leaned against the frame of the living room door in a much too relaxed pose with his arms folded over a dark green western shirt nearly matching his eyes. He looked her up and down with a smugness irritating her further.

“What are you doing here?”

Removing his hat, he grinned and pushed away from the doorframe. “It’s nice to see you too, princess. I’ve been fine. Thanks for asking.”

“I’m in no mood for your sarcasm.” Glaring at him, she entered the living room and headed for the cabinet in the corner where her father kept a bottle of good Kentucky bourbon. After pouring two shot glasses, she handed one to him.

He raised a dark brow. “It’s a little early, isn’t it?”

She lifted the glass and smiled. “I’m celebrating. Isn’t that why you’re here?”

He shrugged and tapped the edge his glass to hers. “Sure.” He glanced around and sat on the rawhide couch. “I’m here to lighten your mood.”

Jamie tossed back her drink and set the glass on the end table. Crossing her arms in front of her, she leaned against the liquor cabinet. “I haven’t seen or heard from you in nearly four months and now you show up and act like we talk every day. And you’re avoiding my question. What do you really want?”

“Well, you haven’t actually been around much.”

Which was true. Lately she’d been spending a lot of time in Dallas. She tapped her foot and narrowed her eyes on him. God, why was he so damned handsome? His black hair curled around the collar of his shirt. Green eyes danced with mischievousness reminding her of Rhett Butler when he saw Scarlett after she tossed the vase over his head in the drawing room of Tara.  He’d set his hat next to him on the seat, and her breath caught. It was the tan Bailey she’d bought him for his birthday the wonderful summer they’d been together.

Tate looked into his glass of whiskey before drinking it in a single swallow. He winced and set the glass next to hers on the table. “I have a gift for you.”

“You didn’t have to get me anything. I got you a gift for your birthday, but it’s upstairs.”

Why did her heart always race like a horse out of the gate when he smiled at her like he was now?

“Really? You thought of me on my birthday?”

“I’ve always gotten you something for you birthday.” Shrugging, she glanced down at her crossed arms and shifted her feet. “I just never got a chance to get this year’s present to you.”

“Tell you what. You can give it to me later, but you’ll have to come with me to get yours.”

She thought that was odd, but smiled anyway. “Okay.”

“After you.” Standing, he set his hat on his head and gestured through the door.

The last thing she remembered was him putting something over her face and the devil’s voice in her ear.

“Sorry, princess. I’m hoping someday you’ll thank me for this.”


  1. Chrissy says:

    Very good! Loved that. When is your book out? Fantastic cover.

  2. lizaoconnor says:

    When I first read the cover I thought, okay, that’s a bit creepy, There’s a syndrome for people falling in love with their kidnappers. but once I read the blurb all creepiness disappeared and I thought, That’s a really good plot. Can’t wait to read it.

  3. Cd Brennan says:

    Sounds like a ‘nother good one Sara! Tweeted for you. All the best for the release!

  4. Sounds awesome, Sara. Wishing you the best with the book!

  5. Mary Roya says:

    Oh my! Kidnapper for her b’day? What an interesting story line .It’s going to be a great read.

  6. BEAUTIFUL cover!!!! Love it! Congrats on the release!

  7. Tera Shanley says:

    amazing cover, Sara! so well done!! congratulations 😀

  8. aniserae says:

    Tate sounds totally sexy. Love the excerpt! Congrats on the release!

  9. The cover is a perfect combination of sweet and spicy. It represents the story well. The excerpt is a great tease. I won’t be able to resist. Good luck and great sales, Sara.

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