Sneak Peek Sunday–Gambling On A Secret

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For the past several weeks, I’ve been sharing peeks at my most recent contemporary western romance release Heartstrings, which is on sale right now on Amazon. Today, I’d like to switch gears a little and share a peek from Gambling On A Secret, a contemporary western romantic suspense that is a Night Owl Review’s Top Pick.

In this peek from Chapter 4, Charli Monroe, a runaway-turned-heiress with a super dark past, is showing her newly hired ranch manager, ex-Special Forces commander and now town drunk Dylan Quinn, around the dilapidated ranch she’d just bought. He asks her the very appropriate question of what possessed a wealthy woman like herself to buy such a dump….

The sun played on loose coils framing her freckled, heart-shaped face and the deceptive youth of her make-up free profile. The rest of her long hair was pulled back into a snarled ponytail. With the overgrowth of spring green, cowboy romance, contemporary western, romantic suspense, Texas romancebluebonnets and daffodils tangled around her feet, she reminded him of one of the fairy statues his mother collected.

Charli peered up at him with an ageless depth showing in her crystalline eyes. She had seen more than she should have for someone so young. He vaguely remembered the kids in the bar last Friday night and their conversation about her not having any friends. What had happened to her to make her so guarded?

He jutted his chin toward the house. “It was a beautiful place once. Built at the end of the eighteen hundreds, after fire destroyed the original place. The house was white and the shutters and trim were dark red–you know, like a brick color. And the gardens were spectacular until Jock’s mother died about fifteen years ago.”

“That’s how I imagine the house.”

The deep intensity of her eyes pulled him in as if he’d walked off the dock into the lake beyond the overgrown yard. He felt things he hadn’t felt for a long, very long, time. Charli Monroe’s appeal went deeper than attraction. What about her intrigued him so damned much?

When she spoke, her soft voice came to him like a whisper on the warm breeze. “I think of it like a caterpillar–a wrinkly, ugly worm with traces of dull colors on it. But when the worm metamorphoses, it becomes something truly beautiful.”

Do you think Charli was just talking about her ranch with her analogy to a butterfly?


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6 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Sunday–Gambling On A Secret

  1. Great excerpt, Sara. The last paragraph encapsulates the theme of the story perfectly. I loved this book!! 🙂

  2. What a lovely snippet– drew me in like a siren’s song, making me want more.

  3. D'Ann

    Nic one, Sara!

  4. Beautiful way with words, Sara. I can visualize the house, the dilapidated gardens, what it used to be so well. great peek! with the butterfly analogy, i wonder if Charli could also be talking about herself. Or about him 🙂

  5. Nikki Lynn Barrett

    Wow…great snippet! And there’s definitely a hidden meaning there.

  6. Mmm… I could practically feel the sunshine and smell the fresh air. Lovely excerpt.

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