Sneak Peek Sunday–More from Heartstrings

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Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!

I’m continuing with giving snippets of my upcoming contemporary western romance release, Heartstrings. Today’s Sneak Peek comes later in the story and shows Seth with his one-time girlfriend, pop star Amanda Lang. This is one of my favorite scenes in the entire book. Just imagine a younger cross between George Strait and Toby Keith in a barn after rounding up cattle all day with a cross of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. I see that smile on your face already…..

“Eww… They say LA stinks. I’ll take the smog over country air any day.”ccontemporary western romance, cowboy romance, Texas romance, Native American romance, country music singer romance

“LA does stink.” He set the saddle in the tack room and returned with a brush. He’d ridden hard, and the gelding deserved a rubdown before being put out to pasture.

“Yeah, but not like this.” She covered her nose with a perfectly manicured hand. “Gawd!”

“And to think you wanted a roll in the hay. That’s what you’re smelling, by the way. Besides, the horses, the leather and me. I spent the day rounding up steers.”

“I change my mind. What the hell do all those women find attractive about cowboys?”

Chuckling, he brushed the sorrel’s red coat to a shine. He’d often wondered that himself.

Well, what do you think? Are cowboys sexy or would you rather have a guy in a suit and tie?


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cowboys, lawmen, sheriffs, Texas Rangers, contemporary western romance, romantic suspense.

Cowboys are known as bad-boys, but what happens when the bad-boy is also the law in town? What is it about these contradictions that make small town sheriffs, Texas Rangers and ex-outlaws-turned-lawmen so irresistible? Whether you write or love to read about the Wild West or modern day Montana, what do you love most about lawmen who are also cowboys? And what makes them so gosh-darn sexy?
Sign ups are open until April 21. I send out the welcome and instruction email to all participants on April 23.  If you would like to take part, sign-up on Cowboy Charm.
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11 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Sunday–More from Heartstrings

  1. Hehe, i giggled at the mental pic of Lady Gaga/Katy Perry trying to stomach the smell of animals. If she didn’t take him up on that roll in the hay, she missed out! Cowboys are delicious. loved this peek!

  2. hehehe. Love her reactions and his calmness. This one sounds like fun! Fantastic peek!

  3. Ha! Loved that peek, Sara! Made me smile. It also put me in mind of the time Lady Gaga was caught on video while visiting a Central PA farm shooting range with her boyfriend… she was wearing six-inch heels. 🙂

  4. Great peek! And thanks for hosting the Hop!

  5. woolfcindy

    LOL Love her reaction to “country air” It is spot on.

  6. Fantastic scene to give us a peek at the characters personalities. I love her reaction to the smells and her question of why women find cowboys attractive. I had to chuckle along with Seth.

  7. LOL I’m kind of a crossover. I love the convenience of the city, but i like the natural smells of the country too. Yeah, she missed out on the roll in the hay. 🙂 Great excerpt!

  8. Great Sneak Peak, hon. Loved it. Having grown up on a farm. I recognized those smells quite well. LOL

  9. I’d choose Wrangler over Armani any day. Great peek, thank you.

  10. Nikki Barrett

    Absolutely nothing wrong with a cowboy 🙂

    Loved the excerpt!

  11. Yes, cowboys are still sexy, in that “Aragorn is so hot but I don’t want to touch his hair or smell that sweat” kind of way. 🙂

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