Sneak Peek Sunday–More from Heartstrings

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Today we meet Abby Crawford Ritter, RN and half Native American, she’s the heroine of my upcoming contemporary western Heartstrings.

Abby has a secret she’ needs to keep.  At least, it’s a secret to everyone except to her ex-husband and the man she wishes she could forget. Country music superstar Seth Kendall showing up and making demands just isn’t in her best interests.

This week’s Sneak Peek comes from the end of Chapter 1.

He looked into his glass of whiskey. “I’m sorry I didn’t call or write. I was eighteen and scared shitless. I had to concentrate on winning, but the whole time I was thinking about you.”contemporary, western, romance, romantic suspense, contemporary western romance, contemporary western, cowboy, cowboy romance, Texas romance, Native American romance, country music star romance, miltary romance

She laughed, but instead of coming out bitter, it scratched and resounded with too much raw pain. “You were scared? What the hell do you think I was? I was seventeen and pregnant. My father was dying with a brain tumor, and I had a ranch to run.”

He grabbed her arm when she spun away. “I had to sing in that competition. Otherwise, it would’ve taken ten years to get to the kind of success I got from winning America’s Rising Star. If I ever got that chance again. My mother never did. This place killed her. I couldn’t let that happen to me. Or to you and our baby.”

She swallowed but couldn’t work her constricted throat.

“I wanted you to come with me.” His voice dipped low enough it might have been on the verge of cracking. “I wanted you and our baby, Abigail. You are the one who turned your back on me. You’re the one who couldn’t wait to fall into bed with my best friend.”

Oh, how she wished she could tell him the truth about her and Mike, but she wouldn’t. She glared at his hand on her upper arm, then at him. “You’re drunk. Let go, now.”

I don’t know… What do you think? Is this an explosion waiting to happen or what?

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12 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Sunday–More from Heartstrings

  1. After last week’s peek and this one, it sure sounds like it, Sara. You’ve packed a lot of punch into six paragraphs.It seems like both lead characters may have made questionable choices in the past but both already have me in their corner.

  2. D'Ann Lindun

    Love this story! I think it’s m fave!

  3. Lovely. This does sound like an explosion waiting to happen.

  4. Nancy Jardine

    What will it take for him to get her to his way of thinking? Got to read the book I think…

  5. Nikki Barrett

    I can see the fireworks for sure…..great excerpt!

  6. definitely an explosive situation waiting to happen. Great 6.

  7. I suspect there are going to be some tense moments for these two.

  8. I love a country singer hero!

  9. Wow, lots of conflict in a very short space!

  10. A lot of secrets here. So many things need to be revealed. About to explode? Most definitely! Awesome snippet!

  11. Thank you all for stopping by. I’m glad you’re all liking Seth and Abby’s story. This truly is one of my all time favs.

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