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contemporary, wcontemporary, western, romance, romantic suspense, contemporary western romance, contemporary western, cowboy, cowboy romance, Texas romance, Native American romance, country music star romance, military romanceestern, romance, romantic suspense, contemporary western romance, contemporary western, cowboy, cowboy romance, Texas romance, Native American romance, country music star romance, miltary romance

Are our heroes heartthrobs or heartbreakers? Or are they just the same thing? Yummy right? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner for this blog hop and we’re gearing up to see what exactly is a heartbreaker. Is the song playing in your head line mine? “Cuz he’s a heartbreaker!” We love those sexy men, but what about those times in the story when they aren’t perfect. Because come on, we know they aren’t perfect. What makes those men heartbreakers? What can those guys do to make it better? Is there a way to grovel? Come on! Tell me about your heartbreaker!!

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contemporary, western, romance, romantic suspense, contemporary western romance, contemporary western, cowboy, cowboy romance, Texas romance, Native American romance, country music star romance, miltary romance

My Prize is an ARC copy of my contemporary western  Heartstrings to one lucky commentator.


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! Today I have two very special men, who are definitely both heartthrobs and heartbreakers. The heroes from Gambling On A Secret and Heartstrings.


contemporary, western, romance, romantic suspense, contemporary western romance, contemporary western, cowboy, cowboy romance, Texas romance, Native American romance, country music star romance, military romanceRetired Army Captain Dylan Quinn served his country well as a commander of a Delta Team, until a Taliban soldier ambushed his team. After his return from Afghanistan, he spent a year drowning the horror of war in a bottle of Jack Daniel’s or Jim Beam. Then this cowboy met the new owner of the dilapidated Blackwell Ranch. Charli Monroe has more than one skeleton hiding in her closet full of designer miniskirts and six-inch heels, but will she be the one to have her heart broken, or will she be the heartbreaker?  (Gambling On A Secret)


Although superstar Seth Kendall had been an over-night success and teen heartthrob wcontemporary, western, romance, romantic suspense, contemporary western romance, contemporary western, cowboy, cowboy romance, Texas romance, Native American romance, country music star romance, military romancehen he won America’s Rising Star fourteen years ago, this country crooner has a secret—he has a daughter. He broke Abby Crawford’s heart when he left her standing on her porch the night he left for Nashville, but now he’s back in town hoping to mend some fences with his high school sweetheart and finally get to know his daughter. Will Abby open her heart for him again, or will she be the one to break this cowboy singer’s heart? (Heartstrings)


Sara: Welcome, gentlemen, to the blog today!

Seth: (smiles and tips his trademark black Stetson) My pleasure, ma’am.

Dylan: (grins and winks) I’m always happy to torture you, Sara.

Sara: (blushes and looks at her note cards) Okay, first off, do you consider yourself a heartbreaker?

Dylan: No.

Seth: (rubs over his goatee) Ah… I’d have to say yes.

Dylan: (looks at Seth and chuckles) Whose hearts have you broken? Those groupies who follow you around? Surely not that pop tart you’ve been doing for years?

Seth: Of course not the groupies. I’ve never been that desperate. But I’ve been a playboy for a long time. And I’m pretty sure there’d been a time pop star Amanda Lang did love me, but I left her and made sure she heard about me being with an Aussie actress.

Sara: Dylan, you said no to the previous question. Care to elaborate?

Dylan: Not really, but I know you’ll keep asking anyway. I married my high school sweetheart, then she dumped me with damned dear John letter while I was over in the war chasing leads on Bin Laden so the SEALS could get the bastard. When I met Charli she was also entertaining Leon Ferguson. I’d say I’m not a heartbreaker.

Seth: That’s not what Charli says.

Dylan: (glares at Seth) And how the hell would you know what Charli says? She’s not in your book.

Seth: (shrugs) Maybe not, but I do know her half-brother Nate, and I met Charli when she came to Nashville to visit him. I overheard her and Abby talking.

Dylan: Okay, hotshot, what did she say about me?

Seth: I think it would be better coming from you.

Dylan: (folds his arms over his chest) Fine. I hate dragging my personal junk out for the world to see. Bad enough no one in town can keep a damned secret because of the Colton Grapevine. I was a real-assed jerk after Charli and I had sex the first time. (He lowers his arms into his lap and averts his eyes) I hurt her pretty bad. (Looks at Sara) There you have it. I fell on my own sword. But I think I made it up to her.

By the way, why’d you pair me with this pretty boy anyway? Zack too busy? Not that Sheriff Cartwright is much better than this yahoo. (jerks a thumb at Seth)

Sara: I paired you with Seth because Zack couldn’t get away from my editor to be here today. Now, behave. I’m sure I’ll get an opportunity to torture your possible future brother-in-law soon enough.

Okay, Seth, back to you. When you were eighteen, you left seventeen-year-old Abby standing on the porch so that you could go off to the talent show in Nashville, even though you knew she was pregnant. Some people would call that just plain cruel. Care to elaborate?

Seth: (shifts in his seat and rubs his goatee again) She told me to go. I told her I’d be back, but when I came home after winning the America’s Rising Star, she was married to our mutual best friend, Mike Ritter.

Sara: But you never visited your daughter.

Seth: No. (shakes head) I wish I’d fought harder for her, but Mike insisted I’d never be a good father because of my own screwed up childhood. So, I figured she was better off with Abby and Mike.

Sara: You came back to McAllister, Texas, for your father’s funeral. Why was it so important to see Emily, your fourteen-year-old daughter? And what lengths would you go to see her?

Seth: (shrugs) I wanted to finally get to know the daughter I’d been denied. Abby and Mike were divorced. I made a play for Abby to get close to Emily. I would have walked all over Abby to get to my little girl. (grins) There you have the awful truth. (stands up and hold out his hand) Thank you for the interview, Sara. Abby and I can’t wait till the world can finally read our book.

Sara: Me either, Seth. (shakes Dylan’s hand) And you… Behave yourself.

Dylan: (puts his old brown cowboy hat on and grins) Of course I will. Charli and I are living it up. Now, if you don’t mind, I have a hot woman at home waiting for me and cattle and horses that need taken care of.

Seth: Yeah. Me too. And I’ve got a tour to get ready for–and I don’t mean your book tour–I’m going on a world tour in a few weeks.


Wow. Talk about testosterone with a capital A for Alpha Male. They both sound like heartbreakers to me, what do you think?


You can read an excerpt from either Gambling On A Secret—Dylan’s story  or Heartstrings—Seth’s story by clicking on the links.

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45 thoughts on “Heartbreaker Blog Hop

  1. Amber Slagle

    Your booklooks good!!

  2. Your books both look like good fun. Thanks for the chance to win.


  3. Love this interview and the interaction between these two scummy heroes — good work Sara!

  4. Great interview as always, Sara.

  5. It sounds like the perfect blend of Heart breaker/Heart throb to me. I love the way they interact. Sneaky how you got them both to confess. Good luck! sandy4lee@yahoo.com

  6. Great interview.

  7. love those covers, Sara! And your guys sound *amazing* – can’t wait to ready them! kristi_writes_romance@yahoo.com

  8. Tia

    Loved your interview

  9. Tina M

    Great looking book..Thanks for the Great Giveaway..adgali@ymaildotcom

  10. Yes, Zack has been busy. He’s been chasing cattle rustlers, horse thieves, and some tail he’s never been able to forget. LOL But I’d have let him have some time off for the interview if you’d needed him. 🙂

  11. Daniel M

    sounds like a fun one thanks for the hop – regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  12. Lisa Walker Liese2

    Thanks for the great excerpt and for the chance to win!

  13. bn100

    Fun interview.

  14. For me the heartbreaker is a bad boy who goes kicking and screaming into love! When he falls he falls hard!

    The only heartbreakers I have encountered are literary! And my all time fav is Mr Darcy! Although, I am currently crushing on Zadist from the Black Dagger Brotherhood!
    BTW I love all the sexy cover art!!

  15. Meghan Stith

    Definitely heartbreakers!
    Thanks for the giveaway and participating in the hop!
    I think that Christian Grey from “50 Shades of Grey” is a good example of a heartbreaker. He used and abused Ana at first, but then came to his senses by book two.


  16. Heartbreakers all the way! Loved the interview and can’t wait to read the books. Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. Stacey

    Loved the interview and the books sound great!!

  18. Your book looks good!!


  19. vampedchik

    They both sound awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Looks great!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. Wonderful covers and great interview.

    sherrygloag @gmail .com

  22. Absolutely love it!!!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  23. Dawna Newman

    Both are heartbreakers, just can’t decide which one I like more :). Wouldn’t be any fun if they behaved would it


  24. Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the chance!

    mary_reiss @ hotmail.com

  25. Pingback: Sneak Peek Sunday–More from Heartstrings | Romance Writer Sara Walter Ellwood

  26. Yep total heartbreakers I would LOVE to get to know!! Thanks for the great giveaway!! So many great prizes!! Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Ashley A

  27. Mary Roya

    Keep writing so I can keep reading. Thanks for being in this super blog hop.

  28. Natasha

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  29. Love the cover of your book!
    Thanks so much for participation in the hop!

  30. Veronika

    I love reading about hearthbreakers! They are usually bad-boys, they’re witty, funny and sexy and the female population is drooling after them lol

    verusbognar (at) gmail (dot) com

  31. Love the book covers! Aren’t heartbreakers fun to read about?

    kmnbooks at yahoo dot com

  32. Carla

    My favorite part of having a heart breaker is the world class groveling. Todd in Lauren Dane’s Laid Bare is my perfect example.
    planterofhope at aol dot com

  33. No RL heartbreakers for me. But, my favorite literary one is Barrons. 😀

    anasmith1919 at gmail dot com

  34. strawberryrosered

    My favorite heartbreaker is the one that your heart can’t live without. One of my best is Lucas from D B Reynolds book “Lucas” (Vampire in America series). Strong mind, well put together and tender when he needs to be.

    Judy Peterson

  35. jeannie platt

    I think both are heartbreakers and their books sound like awesome reads… thanks for being part of the hop.


  36. Your heroes both sound like hunky heartbreakers.

  37. shadowluvs2read

    One of my favorites is Justice from Justice by Laurann Dohner. Thank you for the awesome hop and giveaway!!! 🙂

  38. Veronica

    Both definitely sound like heartbreakers!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. AnnaM.

    Both books sound really good. Thanks for hopping!
    doxisrcool at aol.com

  40. Rita Wray

    Thank you for the giveaway.


  41. Angela Cisco

    For me there is a huge difference. Thanks for the chance:)


  42. Anne C

    Blog hop! I’m in! 🙂
    anne.j2 (at) gmail.com

  43. Congratulations!! parisfanca you are the winner of the Heartstrings ARC.

    Thank you all for making this a successful blog hop!!

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