2013 Goals…Finally

Back in the beginning of January I did an article on a guest blog about how I faired in keeping or meeting my 2012 goals. But I hadn’t made any for 2013 yet. Well, after a month of careful planning—er…procrastination—I finally came up with some.

My goals for this year are very similar to those of last, but I’m making them more specific.

  • Finish Gambling On a Dream and A Family for Jesse, both contemproary western romantic suspense novels, by June 1. Dream will be submitted to my editor at Lyrical, and Jesse I’m planning to submit to other publishers such as Entangled and Samhain and maybe even agents.
  • Begin another book—either book 4 of my Colton Gambling series—Gambling On A Wish or another stand alone western.
  • DO MORE BLOGGING!!!!! I’ve come to the conclusion guest blogging and blog tours don’t work for me (which I plan to do a blog on…LOL). I need to be blogging on my own blog, which will hopefully help me in the next goal.
  • Figure out and incorporate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to my websites. I’ve started doing this on Sara’s website and have seen my hits go up. The plan is to bring actual readers to me, not just other writers.
  • Which leads me to this goal… Figure out how to better market myself. The first thing I need to do is find some good books on marketing for authors with a shoestring budget and read them. (So, if anyone has any suggestions, please leave them in a comment.)
  • Take at least three classes.
  • Enter at least three contests.
  • This next goal is more personal—I’ve recently been having some minor health issues that I really want to keep from becoming big ones.  So, my health goal for this year is to lose at least 50 pounds. I’m going to join Weight Watchers and do more exercise. I plan to keep everyone in the loop either here or over on Cera’s blog, hopefully by having you all cheer me on, I’ll be able to meet or surpass this goal.

Well, there you have them… Hopefully, I can keep them.

So, what are your goals for the year?

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5 thoughts on “2013 Goals…Finally

  1. Great goals, Sara. I, too, need to learn to market myself better, write more, work harder. On the personal front, get healthier. That’s about it. Good luck with yours.

  2. Jennifer Lowery

    That is a hefty list of goals, Sara! Way to go!! I’m sure you will accomplish each and every one! I have an idea of how you can achieve two of your goals in one! Blog about how to incorporate SEO for us who have no idea how to do that, lol!! I would so love to learn how to do that! Good luck with your goals and keep us posted as you complete them 🙂

  3. Thanks for coming by, ladies!
    Margery, those are great goals! Good luck! I know I need to get healthier.

    LOL–Jennifer… I actually intend to do just that. Right now, I’m trying to figure SEO out myself. And implement what I’ve learn as I learn it. I’m going to do a three month study as I get the blog up to power with SEO to see how much it works–then write an article or a series for here and my chapter newsletter.

  4. D'Ann Lindun

    Wow, Sara! Impressive! I need to do a similar list.

  5. Sara, I’m getting serious about my personal blog/website this year. SEO probably should be more on top of my list.

    And back to losing weight this year. I took too many days off last year.

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