Guest Blog–Out with the Old and in with the New! by Nancy Gideon

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It’s the New Year!  Time to start fresh, to make new beginnings, smarter choices. (It’s also the underlying theme in BETRAYED BY SHADOWS, the new release in my “By Moonlight” series!)

I’m not one for making Resolutions, which are inherently made to be broken. But with my busy schedule balancing a writing career, family, and a full time 9-to-5 along with my love of procrastination, I’m a firm believer in setting goals to keep me on track and make me accountable. It’s probably because of my ADD/OCD. I need a list, a plan . . . directions that keep me from wandering off into a Netflix fog.

No matter how hard I work at it, my legs aren’t going to be longer and neither are the hours of the day. If I’d stuck to those vows to lose weight and exercise more, I’d have been a short-legged supermodel years ago.  The trick to making goals is to make them specific and attainable.  Why frustrate yourself by focusing on something vague and unrealistic.

There are lots of things in my life that I DO have control over and when making goals for the new year, five areas need attention: Career, Health, Family, Faith and Self. If I can make just one goal in each area and stick to it, it’s going to be a great year! Those five points make the guiding star that will shine over 2013 and each point is equally important for keeping balance.

What are my goals this year?

Career: Focus on making my backlist of titles available. I’ve got 16 award-winning historicals that could reach an entirely new audience! (Bonus: write that Max and Cee Cee book for fans of the “By Moonlight” series!)

Health: Mama needs a new knee. Time to start doing that physical therapy. And while I’m at it, cut out the white flour products.

Family: Start an account for my grandson’s future. He’s getting older every day. He’ll be driving in ten more years!

Faith: Get thee to a pew, if not in person, then online.

Self:  Plug in that iPod and get out and walk to clear the brain. Or hit the exercise bike if the weather’s bad. Three times a week – no excuses. Music’s good for the soul and a little sweatequity’s good for the knee.

How about you?  What goals have you made for this shiny new year?




Balancing a criminal empire and a preternatural clan war, reluctant  front man Giles St. Clair doesn’t need a problem like Brigit MacCreedy .  . . How much trouble can the head-strong and manipulative Shifter  beauty get into in two weeks? Plenty when her schemes range from  kidnapping to fleeing the retribution of her dead lover’s clan. With her family’s lives on the line, Brigit is willing to do whatever it  takes to save them. The only thing standing in her way is an immovable  stone wall of a man she can’t bully or beguile . . . a human, no less,  who has promised to protect her from the secrets and dangers she  conceals. Risking her own safety gets complicated when an honorable and annoyingly  desirable man puts himself between her and her powerful enemies in a  battle he can’t win in this Taming of the Shrew meets Shifter Goodfellas  on the Bayou tale of consequences, redemption and finding love in all  the wrong places.




Brigit slit her eyes open to the brightness of midmorning. She was alone  in the bunk. Harsh-smelling coffee warmed on the hot plate, and Giles  was nowhere in sight. Then she heard the unmistakable crack of ax into  wood.

Feeling tired and sticky and . . . fabulous, she stretched and reached  for the crimson-colored sweatshirt Giles had left folded on the edge of  the mattress. Harvard? She slipped it over her head to swim in generous  folds that came almost to her knees. Rolling back the cuffs, she found  the shoe she’d tucked Boyd’s cell phone into, discouraged to see no  message from Silas. She tucked it under the sleeping bag on the top  bunk, pushed bare feet into her shoes, and went to pour coffee. Her  whole body ached gloriously, making her smile as she stepped out onto  the tiny back porch.

Because she could still hear his voice, rough with passion.


Giles had his back to her, splitting wood in the glare of morning light,  a beautiful sight in his revealing muscle shirt. Strong, sexy. A light  sweat had broken out on his shoulders, gleaming amid scores of  scratches, some nearly healed from their passionate tussle in New  Orleans and some raw stripes from hours ago. Chagrined, she put a nail  trim and manicure on her agenda for the day.

He’d taken the batteries out of the flashlight to power an old cassette  player and was timing his swings to the raucous beat of a late-eighties  hip-hop tune that probably dated back to days spent here in male  bonding. Something ridiculous about Humpty Dumpty dancing? Her gaze  followed the suggestive rock and bump of his hips as the sassy backup  singers crooned, “Do me, baby.”

Oh, yay. Good idea.

Time to whip up something for breakfast.

She’d taken a step forward, intending to initiate some moves of her own,  when the music dialed down and muted as another sound reached her.

The cup fell from her hands, shattering on the wood planking, as all her senses trembled and went taut.

And a single cry ripped from her.

“Giles, behind you!”

Giles spun, continuing his momentum with the ax so it caught his  assailant midleap in the upper chest, flinging him to the ground. Even  as he wrestled the blade free, his attacker was gaining his feet,  falling into a menacing crouch as his lips pulled back from a mouth full  of dagger-like teeth.

Alarm became coldly dangerous intentions when he recognized the disfigured Shifter from Brigit’s description.

“Brigit, get inside!”

He didn’t look around to see if she obeyed. There was no time as the creature sprang.

Driven to the ground on his back, Giles couldn’t angle for another swing  as he was forced to grip the ever thickening throat to keep those  deadly teeth away from him. A battle he knew he wasn’t going to win as  the beast completed its change of form into something monstrous and  impossibly strong.

Run, Brigit! That was all he had time to think. Run!

All he had to do was stay alive long enough for her to get a head start.

There was a deafening report from the porch, and suddenly, the figure hunching over him was plucked off and sent rolling away.

Giles risked a glance toward the cabin to see Brigit with her feet  planted wide, his pistol braced in both hands. The pistol he’d wisely  loaded with silver rounds.

As he scrambled to his feet, his attacker was gaining his own, obviously  struggling not to revert back into humanlike form from the effects of  the silver. Brigit’s shot had taken him in the other side of the chest.  Giles’s first blow from the ax had already healed. Making him no less  lethal as he sprang a second time. No less quick.

And this time Giles didn’t respond fast enough.



An author of over fifty novels since 1987, Nancy Gideon thrives on  variety. Under her own name and several pseudonyms, she’s written  award-winning series suspense, historical and paranormal bestsellers,  earned a “Career Achievement for Historical Adventure”, and has had two  original horror screenplays optioned for film. A Michigan native, she  works full time as a legal administrative assistant and feeds a NetFlix  addiction.


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6 thoughts on “Guest Blog–Out with the Old and in with the New! by Nancy Gideon

  1. I’m still working on my list of goals…because I like to procrastinate! lol But I like some of yours so I might borrow them.

    Great excerpt Nancy…good luck with your latest!

  2. Every time I read someone else’s list, I realize what a slacker I am! Love the excerpt, and good luck on making all those goals.

  3. Jennifer Lowery

    Love your humor, Nancy! I never set goals, really, I just know what I want to accomplish this year and usually get it done 🙂 I know I want to make this a good year, write lots of books, hopefully sell them, and be happy! I’d like to lose a few pounds so the hubby and I got gym memberships and are starting to eat healthier together. We find it easier not to put so much pressure on ourselves, keeps us on track and we actually exceed our ‘non-goals’, lol. Works for us 🙂
    Loved your excerpt and best of luck with the release!! Sounds fabulous!!
    Happy New Year!!

  4. Great excerpt, Nancy.
    Stick with the no white flour resolution. Make it no wheat flour, if you can. You’ll feel less bloated and have more energy.
    Good luck on your blog tour!

  5. Kassandra

    They all sound really good!!


  6. donnas1

    Sounds great!

    I have long term goals – like learning to eat right, but they are not specific to a date range.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

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