Getting Back into the Groove

It seems since forever since I wrote anything for Writing Wednesday… FOREVER. This spring has been brutal. I found myself being extra busy with work, busy with stuff around the house, and not writing much. Not reading much either…

The good news, I signed three contracts since mid-April. Book two of my Hunter’s Dagger Series, A Hunter’s Blade (by Cera duBois), will be hopefully released this fall/winter by The Wild Rose Press. Book one of The Colton Gamblers, Gambling On a Secret (formally “Butterfly”) has a tentative release of January 2013, and in May 2013, Heartstrings (formally “The Long Road Home”) will also be released by Lyrical Press and will be published under my real name Sara Walter Ellwood. Of course, I’m now neck deep in edits.

However, I’m faced with trying to find my mojo again. I seem to be faltering big time. I started A Hunter’s Wing, book three of my Hunter’s Dagger Series, but it isn’t going easy. I’m also working on edits/revisions for book two of the Gamblers, but it, too, is going slow. Really, I feel lost.

When I sit and stare at my blinking curser wondering what the hell I’m going to write, I fear if I’ll ever produce another book. I’ve had writer’s block before, but this is different.

But what the heck, I’ve sold four books in seven months. I’m fairly confident my editor will buy the second book of my Western series. I like what I’m putting on “paper” so far of Wings. I liked the short story series I wrote to promote A Hunter’s Angel next month. I’m happy about my short story I self-published. So, I don’t understand why I feel so lost. So afraid that this is it.

Has anyone else ever felt like this? And if you have how the hell did you break through the barrier holding you back?


  1. I’ve definitely felt like you’re feeling….as a matter of fact I’m in the midst of feeling like that right now. I guess I don’t know if I necessarily believe in writers block, but more of a writers break. I think sometimes things come at you so fast and furious your mind might take a little mental break from all the work. lol My way of dealing with it is to just go with it. I think deep inside I’m still working because I am simmering ideas, I’m just not adding word count 🙂

    CONGRATS on all of your sales Sara! This is an awesome year for you!!!

  2. Cera duBois says:

    Thanks, Christine… I’m finding that this must be a common feeling among newly contracted authors… Not fun.

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