Six Sentence Sunday

Hello, it’s been a few weeks since I participated in Six Sentence Sunday

Thought I’d also share some news… The manuscript I featured before my break has found a home AND a new title…

“Butterfly” is now Gambling on a Secret  and will be published by Lyrical Press.  I don’t have a release date yet, but I’m excited about it.

So, in celebration of my contract…. Let me post six from Gambling on a Secret, Book 1 of The Colton Gamblers.

Also check out Cera’s Blog for the TELL A STORY BLOG HOP and an awesome chance to win a $30 gift card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble AND a copy of her paranormal romantic suspense A Hunter’s Angel (due out in July).

From Chapter 1–Dylan shows up late and just a bit intoxicated for his job interview as Charli’s ranch manager….


Buying a ranch the size of this one isn’t something most folks just wake up and decide to do, Miss Monroe. A ten-thousand-acre spread takes commitment and dedication and is damned hard work.”

Yeah, she knew that.

He looked down at her multicolored Manolo Blahnik five-inch heeled slides. That ghost of a smile touched his lips again, but this time little crinkles formed at the corners of his eyes—eyes that held a spark of interest she didn’t want.

Damn, he was good-looking.

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13 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Lia Davis

    Nice six! makes me want to know more.

  2. Great six! Makes the reader want to know more.

  3. jerridrennen

    Very nice, Sara!

  4. Love the tension in this! Great six!

  5. D'Ann Lindun

    Love this scene!

  6. ebondreams

    I loved this. Great 6.


  7. Sheri Fredricks

    She has GREAT taste in shoes!

  8. Love the contrast between ranching and her shoes! I get the sense there’s more to her than meets they eye! Very nice six!
    Amy Durham

  9. Love how you described the attraction, giving us a sneak peek of how both feel.

  10. Jennifer Lowery

    Fantastic six!

  11. Ooooh, I love it already!

  12. Thanks everyone for stopping by…

  13. Good-looking… and trouble, I’d bet! 🙂

    Congrats on the sale, Sara. Can’ recall if I’ve said congrats yet for this one, so take these best wishes once again in case I did. XOXO

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