Six Sentence Sunday

Sunday’s here and here’s another 6 for Six Sentence Sunday

This is from Chapter 4 of Butterfly, Book 1 in my yet-to-be-published contemporary Western romantic suspense series The Cowboy’s of Colton.

Setup:  Dylan is driving Charli to Fort Worth to buy new equipment for her ranch.  She asks to turn on the radio, and he tells her she can as long as she doesn’t turn it to a country station…Needless to say, Dylan isn’t your typical Texas cowboy….


Charli turned on the radio, and a loud screech of an electric guitar blasted from the speakers. She lowered the volume from ear splitting to tolerable. “Do you have any hearing left?”

“Can’t listen to ‘80’s rock without turning it up.”

On the radio, Axl Rose squealed about his sweet child.

“I guess, but keeping your hearing is pretty darn important.”

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17 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Sheri Fredricks

    YAY! Guns n Roses fan here! And 80’s rock rules. Hehe, not all cowboys like country music. I live with one of those too. Nice six!

  2. Great choice for six sentences..left me with lots of questions!!

  3. Now this brings back memories…lol. Wonderful six Sara 🙂

  4. Jennifer Lowery (Kamptner)

    Yes! 80s rock! You’re speaking my language, lol! Takes me back…Great six!

  5. Nothing better than 80’s rock! Great six!

  6. LOL, fun interaction between them!

  7. D'Ann Lindun

    yay, great job! Love the 80’s rock!

  8. I feel her pain! My husband is a musician. They listen to everything loud! LOL Fun six, Sara.

  9. LOL, love 80’s tunes.

  10. I can picture it now! Nice, Sara. 🙂

  11. What fun! A cowboy who doesn’t like country!

  12. I can almost predict the next line might be something like… “what did you say?” 🙂

    A fun six. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Like it!

  14. Thanks for stopping by, everyone!! Loved your comments.

  15. Cute interaction between them! Love the 80s music! 🙂

  16. Fun, cute scene 🙂

  17. Fun six! Very nice 🙂

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