Missing Old Friends

This weekend someone posted this picture on Facebook.

It instantly reminded me of my character Logan Cartwright from my Cowboys of Colton Series. Logan is the younger brother of ex-rodeo cowboy, ex-Marine and current Colton Sheriff Zack Cartwright, the hero of The Hardest Words to Say.  Besides being a hunky aspiring country singer, Logan is a top-notch divorce lawyer. He’s funny and smart and can rock a stage with his band Texas Justice, ride a horse and wield a lariat with the best of them, or put a slim-ball husband in his place in the courtroom for his clients.

I also posted six sentences from Butterfly, book one of the series, for Six Sentence Sunday, which got me thinking about that book again. When I received a request from Lyrical Press after pitching the book to an editor, I started to re-edit the book, but I haven’t taken it seriously. I’ve been putting it off to focus on my rewrite of The Long Road Home. Now, I’m more anxious than ever to start working on it again, regardless of what happens with the request. I’m still waiting to hear back.

I realized how darned much I miss the people who make up Colton. Not just Charli and Dylan from Butterfly, but also Tracy and Zack from The Hardest Words to Say (book 2), and Lance, Rachel, Audrey, Wyatt and Dawn from yet-to-be-written A Wife’s Last Wish (book 3). I even miss nosy Winnie Cartwright and the villains Leon, Jake and his obnoxious brother Brent.

All this reminded me how much I love Colton, Texas, with its rich history of three first cousins returning from the defeated Confederate Army and heading west where they win an entire county in a poker game. To the modern day descendants, who live and love and feud in this place. The Fergusons/Carters, the Cartwrights and the dysfunctional branch of the ancestry tree—the Blackwells.

But what that picture did was get me excited about my stories again. I’m anxious to get Butterfly re-edited, The Hardest Words to Say revised, and A Wife’s Last Wish written. And the last two books—Logan’s story, tentatively titled—Summer’s Song and the last book Having Faith planned and finished.

Has anything as unlikely as just a photo or a song got you re-excited about something you’d put on the back burner to work on something else? Or do I just have too many irons in the fire, as my granny would have said?


  1. I was working on two stories that I was chapters away from completing when I received revisions for 2 books. I put my other stories aside and it was a month of not opening them. I missed them every day…especially toward the end and I couldn’t wait to finish them up. There wasn’t a picture or a song or anything that reminded me of them…just their unfinished stories whirling around in my mind.

    And I’m glad to report I’m working on one right now and we are about 2 chapters from completion…I’m beyond thrilled!

    Good luck with getting back to yours….I can so understand your feelings!

  2. Neecy Kelly says:

    Does frustration count ???
    Cute post,

  3. One of the very first stories I wrote was about a burned-out rock star and a high school teacher who lost the love of her life to cancer. Both were hurting emotionally when they found each other. Their friendship healed them to some extent but his lifestyle was not something she could overlook and so they parted ways. Eventually their love brought them back together to try to work it out. It wasn’t well written but I still love those characters and every once in a while they poke my brain matter and say, “Hey! Remember us?” Maybe someday I’ll get back to them and finish telling their story.

  4. I have a story like that – my first. I still love it…and I blogged about it a couple weeks ago. Little things – a picture, a song…sometimes even a *fragrance* will start me thinking about those characters. But so far I haven’t gone back to fix their story. Which is a hot mess.

  5. Didn’t granny also tell you, having all those irons in the fire, is like having all the burners going on the stove? The only way to cook for a crowd and if that picture needs to be adding to your menu then go for it. Great picture by the way 🙂

  6. D'Ann Linscott-Dunham says:

    I couldn’t let go of Cord and Aspen, so I continued on with Jamie. I have 3 more stories planned for that town.

  7. Brenda says:

    I think it is really important for writers to try and finish each story. I know there are stories we start and they go no where–and those are okay to toss, but the stories that really mean something to us should be finished.
    LOL, I heard from somewhere that having a lot of unfinished things isn’t good for your energy–we should try to make sure we complete tasks. LOL, not sure that applies to writing, but I know with myself I do try and finish stories before I move on–even if the story needs more work, at least I have the skeleton done.

  8. I can so relate. We live with our characters for so long sometimes it hurts to say goodbye. GREAT post!

  9. Know how you feel. I’ve fallen in love with my characters. When that happens I’m energized and can’t wait to see them when my writing time comes up. Loved your post.

  10. I’m glad I’m not the only one with stories sitting to be finished or rewritten…

    What upset my applecart and pulled me away from my Cowboys of Colton is simple.

    I sent book 1 (Butterfly) to my then agent. I have book 2 finished, too, but she didn’t want that until she sold book 1. In the mean time, The Long Road Home was out with Harlequin. I started another category but soon lost interest when Harlequin rejected TLRH and several friends (non-writers who had read my first drafts) encouraged me to rewrite A Hunter’s Angel (which, until then, was that manuscript I planned never to publish… It was my first book after I quit writing fan fiction.) Anyway, my agent had me re-edit Butterfly, which I did and sent back to her promptly. I started re-working Book 2 of the Colton series–just in case I sold Butterfly, I even wrote up a synopsis of sorts for the 3rd book when the unthinkable happened–I SOLD A Hunter’s Angel! Well, I just had to write book 2 of that series. Then my agent and me parted ways… and well… the rest is history.

    I plan to finish this series. But first I have to make hay on the paranormal series I never expected to sell…LOL What will be totally crazy is if I do get a contrast for A Hunter’s Blade (book 2 of the paranormals), it would mean I sold my first book and my 5th books before anything else.

    If I don’t sell my Colton series, I plan to self-pub the books. So we’ll see what happens.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!

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