Freaky Fridays

This one isn’t really a joke…. It’s more like a late Valentine’s Day recipe from me to you.

ENJOY, Ladies.   Sorry, you guys.  Maybe, next time….


Take the fairy dust:

Sprinkle it on one of these angels:

And POOF!!!!!!


When you are fininshed looking up his loincloth,

(You just looked again)

Try to have a great day!

If you haven’t had enough eye candy… come on over to Tabby’s Nocturnal Nights for my take on what makes a hero….

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5 thoughts on “Freaky Fridays

  1. I’d rather look at him than the VS angels anyday!

  2. LOL…you know us to well 🙂

  3. LOL, I did look again!

  4. Thanks for clicking!!! I’m glad y’all enjoyed the eyelicious recipe!

    Hugs… Cera

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