Six Sentence Sunday

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Welcome to my contribution to Six Sentence Sunday. Click here if you want to join the fun…Or just want to find some really fantastic authors.

Today, I’m taking a break from posting from A Hunter’s Angel and posting 6 sentences from book 2 in of The Hunter’s Dagger series: A Hunter’s Blade. This is taken from Chapter 1.  Brigit is a true werewolf (a Lykan-a born wolf) and Sally is her human best friend, who doesn’t know Brigit is a Lykan. They just found out another human was killed in what appears to be an animal attack.


Brigit slid out of the booth and bit her bottom lip. To answer Sally’s unspoken question, Brigit said, “I need to use the lady’s room.” She rushed away to the back of restaurant to the bathrooms. Once inside, she locked the door and leaned against the wood. She wrapped her arms around herself and shivered, but it had nothing to do with the lack of heat in the tiny room.

“Oh, dear God, if you care about me at all or even just these poor people, please, help me remember everything that happened the last three nights,” she whispered to the ceiling.

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3 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Great six….but could you have made it maybe 8 or 10….lol. You left me hanging!

  2. Great six, Sara.

  3. Thanks, Brenda and Christine…. I’m glad you want more. *grin*

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