Happy 2012, Everyone!

Did you make a resolution this year?  Some years I do, but most I don’t. This year and last I made goals instead.

For the most part, I met my goals for last year.

*I came up with something of a five-year plan.  Where do I see myself as an author in five years?

*I rewrote and sold my paranormal suspense, A Hunter’s Angel.

*I didn’t sell either of my contemporary Westerns, The Long Road Home or Butterfly.

*I didn’t finish A Family for Jesse…BUT instead….

*I wrote book 2 the Hunter’s Dagger series, A Hunter’s Blade (I didn’t even have this as a goal at the beginning of the year, but after my sale of book 1, I made it an immediate goal.)

For 2012 my goals are more focused.

*Submit A Hunter’s Blade to my editor at The Wild Rose Press.

*Finish rewriting The Long Road Home for a different editor at The Wild Rose Press who gave me a revise/resubmit option with a rejection.

*Write A Hunter’s Wing (Book 3 of the Hunter’s Dagger series).

*Finish A Family for Jesse and submit it.

*Promote the heck out of A Hunter’s Angel when it’s released later this year.

*Figure out a plan for self-publishing Butterfly and The Hardest Words to Say (Books 1 and 2 of The Cowboys of Colton)—find a content editor and cover artist.

*Start writing A Wife’s Dying Wish (Book 3 of The Cowboys of Colton).

*Continue my duties as the Communications Committee Chair for the RWA and as webmistress for my local RWA chapter.

*Blog more—at least twice a month.

*Eat better and take better care of myself.

*Don’t let the day job drive me crazy.

*Plant a memorial garden in memory of my brother who passed away in September.

*Remember to smell the roses when they’re blooming and enjoy my garden more this summer!

Now, what are your goals for the coming year?


  1. Brenda says:

    Congrats on the goals you met last year and I like your plan for 2012.

    My goals are self pub my novel, Love’s Prophecy, promote the heck out of it, and finish the rough draft of book #2 in the Prophecy series. If I can complete these goals I will be a happy camper.

  2. Neecy says:

    Those are all great goals!
    I have a list as well!
    Wishing you all the best in in 2012,

  3. Valle Bower says:

    I never thought of it like that, but I like it. I make goals, and I may change them as I accomplish a few and things change. So to call them goals seems to fit more than resolutions!

  4. Kristina knight says:

    Great goals, Sara!! Good luck this year – I know you can do it! And (shameless self-promotion here) I’m doing a goal post tomorrow on my blog…so hopefully you can come by … And then kick my butt into gear!

  5. I actually don’t make resolutions anymore because it seemed too much pressure for when I messed up…I like the goal idea, but this year I decided to go with a WORD. One word that describes what I want out of my year, that will sum it up. I chose HOPE…hopes I have for my family friends and myself:) Who knows, next year I might try goals….lol. Gotta switch things up 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  6. Lia Davis says:

    Wow, that’s quite the list. Congrats on all your achievements in 2011 and good luck meeting your goals in 2012. I’ve never been one for making resolutions or goals at the New Year. But last year I set out to finish my novel and I did. This year I want to finish and submit at least three more stories.

  7. Congrats on the goals you made last year! That’s pretty impressive what you managed to accomplish. And good luck on your goals for this year.

    I did have a list of goals last year too. But self-publishing Forged kind of blew them aside. lol- there were so many things I hadn’t considered, that suddenly needed doing. Like websites and cover artists and finding editors, promoting. Things like that.

    This year I am working up a business plan that will include both financial goals- along with the baby steps to reach those financial goals. Things like a publishing schedule, and finding an agent to handle sub-rights, a promo schedule.

    The only actual resolution I made this year is to read at least one book a week.

  8. Thanks for stopping by everyone… I love all of the great goals! Good luck in achieving them…

  9. Congrats on goals completed and plans developed. that’s awesome. I have along list of goals for this year. some simple, some more complex. but if I don’t have them on the list, i don’t get them done.

    good luck

  10. jerridrennen says:

    I plan to be successful this year–to take my career seriously.

  11. Jennifer Lowery~Author says:

    Great goals, Sara! I, too, am setting writing goals this year! I plan to have a 90k first draft done by November 30 and query another out to agents. Good luck everyone and Happy New Year!

  12. I set up goals last year but they were blown out of the water by a family emergency that took me away from writing for 5 months. I’m still way behind. So I need to revamp my goals. I need to finish my current wip and submit it. Still trying to decide what publisher to submit it to. I was thinking of revising two romantic suspense’s but now a historical is crowding my mind. LOL. Maybe I should just wing it?

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