What Scares You?

It’s that time of year for ghosts, zombies, witches, vampires and anything else that goes bump in the night are all out and about.  All Hallows Eve is Sunday and I want to know what makes you scared of the dark?

For me, it’s ghosts.  Yep, I’m not afraid to admit I believe in ghosts.  I’ve known too many people who have had experiences with these poor souls still trapped in our world. I myself have experienced things that make my skin crawl just thinking about it.  

The most recent experience was at my father’s home, not too long after my mother passed away in 2001.  We were sitting at the table of his big country kitchen—there was about five of us there—when we all heard someone enter the house through the basement door, which opens to his driveway.  This is the common way into his house and everyone takes it.  Anyway, we then heard the thump, thump, thump of the footsteps up the stairs and we all turned toward the basement door waiting to see who the new arrival was…

But no one ever opened the door and there was no sound of retreating footsteps.  Since the stairway is enclosed, there are only two possible exits—either come through the kitchen door, or turn around and go down the very noisy wooden stairs. 

I’ll never forget when those of us visiting my dad turned to him, and he simply shrugged and said, “It was your mom.  She does that about once a week.”

Since then, the strange noises and other unexplained happenings that my dad experienced for about three years after my mom died have stopped. My guess, she finally found peace—and my many prayers were answered.

I’ve also worked in two haunted places. 

The first being an old refurbished hospital I had worked at from 1996-2002. I worked in the urgent care clinic and there are tons of stories about the place. It had been made into an outpatient center about 15 years before I started working there.  One of the stories was how workman heard babies crying when they gutted the area that had been the old nursery during the remodel.  Several security guards had told me about locked doors that they’d personally locked during the night be open in the X-ray department, which had been the former morgue. That ghost must have been angry because he’d not only open doors that were locked, he’d move stuff, too. Chairs would be turned upside down or trashcans moved into the hallways. None of the X-ray techs liked to work down there in the evenings because they’d often hear sounds that couldn’t be explained, like voices, footsteps and other noises when they’d be alone.

I also experienced something while working there.  I heard footsteps follow me around as I looked for a medical record in the records room on the second floor on a desolate Sunday evening when I was the only person up there. Very scary.

I currently work on an Army Post that has been active in one way or another since before the Revolution. But the hauntings don’t end with the old Indian School or the Hessian Prison that dates back to the French and Indian War. Even new buildings like the one I work in is said to have its otherworldly inhabitants.  As far as I’ve heard, we have three. A lady with a little girl and a tall dark, shadowy man. 

The spookiest place near where I live is probably the town and battlefield of Gettysburg. I’d love to do a ghost tour someday, but working up the nerve hasn’t quite caught up with my curiosity yet.

So, tell me what scares you…


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