A Message in a Bottle….modernized

We’ve all heard about messages placed in bottles and then set to drift at sea, sometimes for years on end. Those of us who write romance have even written such stories. 

The young maiden, pining away for her sailor at sea, desperate for solace pens a message and puts in glass bottle. However, her brave sailor was sent to his death by Neptune’s fury. Years pass, when a handsome Knight finds the bottle. Despite the raging war, the Knight can’t stop thinking about the letter detailing such love and devotion. He has to find the maiden, and if she has not found the man she was writing to, he will make her his own.

The dashing Knight sets off sail and crosses a vast sea to find the maiden still sitting on the cliff above the sea, waiting for the return of her sailor. When the Knight shows her the letter, she believes the Fates are at work and they live happily ever after…

Okay, I know, a little over the top. How about a modern day story?

I opened my computer-based Outlook account the other day and a message pops up from a publisher that I submitted to way back in January of this year. I was puzzled and intrigued, so I opened it fully to see exactly what the message was. 

It was a general email informing me that they received my partial submission/query and will get to it as soon as possible and if they want more, they will request more.

And they are just NOW reading it, I thought, with a sniff.  I’d hate to see how long it took them to read a full manuscript!

Then I glanced at the date at the top of the open email….JAN 11, 2010.  However, the Inbox date said OCT 20, 2010.

Is this the equivalent to a message cast to the open seas to drift until it finds shore?  What would we call this… Email lost in Cyberspace? Versus a Message in a Bottle.

It’s enough to make you scratch your head and ponder WHATELSE hasn’t been delivered to me.  Or maybe some handsome guy is out there right now reading my email and wondering about me…

Okay, I know I’m married. But hey, I DO write romance.

Thought you’d all like a laugh…



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