Getting the “Call”….And a Humble Thank You

Ask an author, any published author, what was the most exciting event of their writing careers, and you will get one overwhelming response…

Getting the “call” that very first time. Although today, most authors get an email instead of an actual telephone call.

After years of hard work, determination and a little luck, that happened to me yesterday. I still have a long road before me until I see my book in print—more editing, rewriting and finding someone willing to proofread/critique it who hasn’t already read it—but now that I have an agent, hopefully it will be sooner, rather than later.

Today at work, many people asked me what it was like when I read the email… I can honestly say for a heartbeat, I thought it had to be a rejection letter. Then the words sank into my confused brain and my sinking heart was catapulted to the moon.

First, I screamed. Then just in case no one heard me, I screamed again. Then I laughed and I cried and I couldn’t stop saying “Oh, my God!” bewildering my ten-year-old daughter. Her very sedate mom doesn’t usually start jumping around the room like she’s crazy. She kept asking, “Mommy, what’s wrong?”

You got it…All I could say was “Oh, my God!” and run around the coffee table a few more times.

Yeah, I was just a little excited.

And even though I know that just because I have an agent now doesn’t mean automatic success, I’m one step closer than I was last week to achieving my dream and seeing my book there on the bookshelf beside Linda Lael Miller, Joan Johnston and Diana Palmer at my local bookstore, vying for the same audience.

Now, I wonder what I’ll do if/when that happens because I don’t know how I can top the excitement I felt, and still feel, over getting my first agent “call.”

But wrapped up in that excitement is overwhelming gratitude for my friends and fan fiction fans who read my stories and encouraged me to keep writing. For the critique partners, who took their own valuable time and offered their advice. And for my family, who patiently forgives the fact that I often don’t get the laundry or the dishes put away right away, or that the house isn’t spotless, and often dinner consists of frozen pizza so that I can write.

Thank you for helping me get to this place because without you I probably would never have gotten the “call”…

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